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Customer Feedback

Many thanks Mike. I really enjoyed the afternoon looking at my set up and the report you have produced is brilliant; I can see me returning to this time and again as a reference point. As you know, this wasn't my first bike fit but it is definitely the most comprehensive I have had.
The changes we made feel great and I have no issues with knee pain etc. following the lowering of my saddle height. The thing I have taken most from the fitting though is around posture and the pictures in the report really highlight this. I am no longer hunching in the shoulders and my weight is supported much more by my core and less by my arms. It is too early to say if the changes will totally eradicate the shoulder pain I have been experiencing but I will let you know how this goes over the coming weeks.

John P


Many thanks for yesterday. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and did go off for a ride last night. As you'd expect I did find quite a difference in the bike. You will probably get a couple or three new customers making enquiries shortly - the guys were very impressed with the feedback I was able to give.
Thanks for the report and cycling technique suggestions.

David F


Thanks Mike, I felt like I glided home effortlessly after the bike fit. Going on the club run tomorrow, I will let you know how I get on.

Ashleigh H


Just thought you might like a little more feedback following our fit on Saturday....
I went out twice since – Sunday, 13.4 miles – average speed increased to 18.1 mph, average cadence now at 82; and Monday 17.8 miles average speed 16.1 mph with average cadence now 84 – although this was with a quicker group and terrain was more hilly...but an overall improvement in general terms and no aches/pains.
Yesterday I received and fitted the smaller 170mm crankset and took off for a thrash and did a rapid 8.5 miles at 18.2 mph average and 80 average cadence – no problems outside of a little cramp in right calf - however, I was “having a proper go” and without much of a warm perhaps now longer “the vicar riding to church”, but in my own mind of the moment, more of a Sagan chasing down Greippel moment!! The turning of the pedals was noticeably easier although the speed hadn’t increased and the cadence was the a bit lower, but I’m sure it’ll change with more miles and different routes.
I’m sure that Mr Cavendish remains safe as the “Manx Missile” but I reckon in a few months the “Tiddington Typhoon” might surprise a few in the “Old & Overweight” class on a couple of 50m sportives!
Anyway - just thought you might like to know and many thanks indeed again for your help & guidance.

Julian B


Thanks for all your help Mike - went out for a small ride when I got home , the first for 10months and it felt great on the bike! I didn't go too far as I was a bit apprehensive on the after effects.Woke up Sat am and no unusual pains or aches, so definitely a positive result.
Thanks for the report - superb !! Will recommend to all my cycling mates !!

Mark W


Thank you very much for this. It was a most thorough and rewarding assessment that I am sure will provide me with the maximum benefits. I will have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends and colleagues.

Mike DV


Took the road bike out for an hour and a half spin on Saturday morning and it felt really good; my position felt much better and generally felt more aero, even without using the drops. As you suggested, I am looking into changing the cranks (have looked at my other road bike and it has 170s on!) Many thanks and kind regards,

Helen P


Thanks for the report, but most of all thank you for 'sorting' me out. It was a fascinating and enjoyable experience going through such a detailed analysis, and then make alterations which brought about such dramatic changes to the way I worked on my bike. I'm looking forwards to a good run out, just as soon as the weather improves.

Elizabeth E


LEJOG finished. 1003 miles all very comfortable apart from an altercation with a cattle grid. Amazing how many of the guys where fiddling with their riding positions, Just ordered a new bike so see you soon.

Chris L


I had a bike fit on the 10th of May, at the time I was suffering from over use injuries to my quads, and my whole year of races and goals looked very bleak and at one point had no chance, however...
After a bike fit from yourself, within a week I started to be able to get back out on my bike and start to push again. Sunday 5th of June, I did the tour of Cambridge and qualified for the World Championship finals in Australia. 85 miles of madness lol, was holding a 22.5 mph avg up to approximately 70 miles, but due to my injuries in the last 2 months I didn't have the time to be completely ready and dropped off the back, but I was still able to hold on enough to qualify. I'm very happy and planning races again and looking forward to the rest of the year racing. I've also transferred the information from your fit to my other bikes now. So just wanted to say a massive thank you, it's made a massive difference to my riding already and I realy appreciate your help and advice

Steve I


Many thanks for the report. The 1st ride the day after was a bit strange but since then it has improved massively and yesterday I rode 50 miles (PB for me!) the majority of it in the drops.
Will definitely swop out the cranks for 170's soon but I'm staying away from those mountains!

Huw D


Many thanks for the report. It's good to have everything we talked about in one place. Went out today and did Dovers, Saintbury and Larkstoke without getting back of knee pain and managed two hours without having to get off. Early days i know but a good start.

Paul F


Many thanks for the email. I am really happy with the bike fit today, and can see you clearly know huge amounts about this specialist subject. I would not hesitate to recommend your services to others or to use you again, feel free to quote me on any marketing you have, Thanks again, I'm sure we'll meet again!

Jim L


Thank you so much for yesterday’s bike fit, an interesting and enlightening experience. And an absolutely fantastic result too! I can’t believe the improvement.
I did the same ride yesterday that I did last Thursday and, as you said, it is difficult to compare directly because of the weather and it was so much warmer and less windy, but I didn’t initially tell my friends that I’d had a bike ft and they commented on how much better I was cycling. Our average speed increased from 14.6 to 16.3, in part because we had an extra chap with us who pushed the speed up to 22-23 on the way back in places, but I could just about keep up, something I couldn’t possibly have done last week. I could also generate good power uphill too. I found my hands naturally sat on the hoods and I was so much more comfortable, particularly my legs. The only problem I have is the saddle, the new Selle Italia gel flow. Initially the extra width at the back felt good, but the saddle is a bit bulkier and the nose is a bit broader. I am going for a ride in Derbyshire tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see how hillier terrain feels. I really feel I will be able to get back to my proper cycling form now and with a bit of effort perhaps even better than before. Many thanks again for your brilliant service.

Mary G


Tried out the new position today and so far so good. I felt I climbed better and only had a couple of small aches after about 35k but this could of been “memory pains” from previous rides..
My plan is to go with it, persevere and see what happens but I have to say first impressions are good. Thanks for your time yesterday it was a pleasure meeting you, I feel I have benefited from it and would not hesitate to recommend you to my friends.

David M


Thank you for sorting my bike fit, I've been on two 60mile plus rides followed by brick runs since without any discomfort (apart from general fatigue!). I should have done it years ago!

Nick H


Thank you very much for the report. Thank you also for doing such a comprehensive assessment and bike fit - I feel reassured now that my bike set up is as optimal for me as it can be. I will certainly be recommending your service to others looking for a bike fit. I'll let you know how I get on - fingers crossed my knee will get there in time.

Clare B


Thank you very much for your report and for your time and help on Tuesday. I learnt a lot, and my new position seems to far to be a great improvement. I’m much more relaxed, now, about spending 6 weeks travelling on my new bike from early April!

George B


Just to let you know I did my first long ride today, 39 miles, and I felt totally comfortable on my bike. Even the saddle felt fine. I felt like I was in a better position climbing than I have ever been and the saddle height seemed perfect. No back or neck pain either. But cold but otherwise a lovely first ride on my new bike. I'll be sending more people in your direction I'm sure.

Laura T


Completed 50 miles this morning and had zero foot ache and felt great on the aero bars. Thanks again.

Mark A


Just to say thank you for the excellent bike fit. Have managed a couple of rides since and they have been completely pain free which is the first time for many years. Thanks again

Michael P