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2011 Customer Feedback

Peter and Diana M


Things are going along very well, the Moreton Missile (formerly known as Diana) goes from strength to strength now that she is fully accustomed to the carbon set up and the new cranks. Struggling up hills is now a thing of the past! With regard to myself, all mods, carried out when we came to see you have certainly done the trick, still a slight stiffness in the neck after a long ride but I think this due to old age!
Ian G


Thanks for the report & once again thanks very much for the session. First ride out over weekend felt a lot more comfortable. I was able to stay down on the aero bars without having to shift position or stand up on the pedals to stretch off. Now looking forward to extending the distance of my rides as opposed to dreading them!
Alan H


Thanks for all your help on Saturday and your prompt report. Minor changes they may be, but they made a noticable difference on Sunday when I did 65 miles. No knee discomfort on the road or afterwards and a feeling of travelling up to 1/2 mph faster. Higher gears could be held naturally for longer. Climbing on the tops when dropping the ankles was more effective than before
Amir E


Just to let you know.. On Sunday I did over 70 miles with hills at an average of 17.6 mph. ThatÂ’s 0.2 faster than the South Downs with no drafting and quite a severe hang over. Definitely had more in the tank so IÂ’m 100% heading in the right direction..
Jesus N


I had quite a long ride yesterday evening as well and cycle to work this morning a back. It definitely feels much better, I seem to have more stroke power and the bike feels much more comfortable. I'm using more the forward position, the back pain has improved significantly. As you said, it's not a magic bullet but it definitely is a massive improvement in relation to before the session
Matt B


Since our session I've put a lot of miles in and can't thank you enough. Even though we didn't make any large adjustments to my position, I feel more confident about pushing myself.My fitness has increased no end and have started to actually enjoy my rides out without the worry of the onset of pain.
John W


Came to you in Mid July with my Trek madone and my left biceps femoris tendonitis. Just to let you know that it has been absolutely great since i saw you.Think the fixed cleat has done the trick but also i'm trying to clip out with my right foot first.
Stefan W


Firstly allow me to thank you for an interesting and insightful day, I really the enjoyed the whole process. Now for the results. I've delayed emailing you because I felt I needed sufficient ride time (300miles to be exact) to gauge any benefits, if any. I hasten to add that there were benefits, although small they have certainly improved my ride quality not just in comfort but also in efficiency and overall speed (I have found myself in a bigger gear than i actually thought I was in on numerous occasions!).Although my first couple of rides were, let me say, well my thoughts were "What the hell has this man done to me!" minus the expletives of course! I really didn't like climbing, i felt slower and labored as if I was making more effort for the same speed. I was aware though that my body might need to get used to the new position so I wasn't overly concerned.OK to cut a long story short, from then on it's gone from strength to strength. I now feel totally comfortable on the bike and have found myself breaking PB's or coming close.
Paul W


Just a short note to let you know that John and I successfully got from Paris to Geneva last week, arriving in one piece by the lake on Saturday afternoon. No problems with either bike and, from a personal perspective, the new set up worked to plan – no hand tingles at all and my back was fine plus plenty of power when I needed it. Thanks for your help, well worth the money!
Andy W


Dear Mike, thank you for a very interesting/ informative morning I thought your level of service and knowledge was excellent and will not hesitate to recommend you to other club members, thank you for the download with all the measurements and information, best regards.
John B


The bike felt good on Sunday, 60 miles whizzed by but my bottom doesn't like the saddle yet; I am sure 340 miles next week will beat into submission.
Thank you again for you time on Saturday, it was a very worth while two hours.
Peter H


We are coming to the end of the week's training in Costa Rica for La Ruta. We are riding around 7 to 9 hours per day and my bike has never been so comfortable. No back pain and no pain on the outside of my feet.
I believe you are a master of your trade .... I am very grateful indeed.
John B


The bike felt good on Sunday, 60 miles whizzed by but my bottom doesn't like the saddle yet; I am sure 340 miles next week will beat into submission.
Thank you again for you time on Saturday, it was a very worthwhile two hours.
Kevin H


I went out for a 38 mile run today to check out the new setup. Glad to report that the numbness did not occur and the discomfort at the base of my neck was significantly improved. Mind, it was just as hard getting up the hills and the tops of my thighs were a bit more tender than usual when I got home!
Conor O


I just wanted to let you know that I won the club 5 mile TT Championship last night. I did an 11:02 the fastest I have gone on the course. I attribute that to the changes we made to the bike yesterday. I felt that I could get all of the power onto the road and was at one with my bike for the first time since I got it. The new position felt very fast straightaway and allowed me to use slightly larger gears than normal for that course. Also the pain in my right knee did not appear and neither did the pain in my left hip - success.
Harry W


Even though some of the changes were subtle, I have already noticed huge improvements in my comfort on the bike. In particular, inserting the shim to lengthen my right leg has been a revelation, as my left leg really does feel much more part of proceedings then it did before. A great result! I didnÂ’t win the race on Sunday, but that are plenty of other reasons for that!
Jill W


I have returned from 3 days cycling around Cheshire, originally chosen for lack of hills due to concerns about my knees. I need not have worried. I sailed through with almost no discomfort so much so that I decided to climb The Cloud, near Congleton, just to celebrate the fact that I knew it would not be a strain on my knees.
You have made a significant difference. I can't thank you enough. It was a fascinating experience.
Richard L


Just a quick note to say thank you for work you did and give some feedback on the result of Kim's bike change. Yesterday Kim did her first bike ride after the fitting and her hands were perfect. She did 4 hours of cycling and had none of the discomfort or numbness of the fingers that she previously experienced. She is truly grateful and it has transformed her riding pleasure.
Steve M


Many thanks for the time spent with you on the 9th July. The next day Sunday I managed to beat the hour with a 58.45 very pleasing. Since then IÂ’ve just gone faster and faster in my 10Â’s coming down from 25.25 to a 23.23 faster every time I ride. I feel at one with my bike which is great. Since you sorted my armrests out IÂ’ve had no more burns on my forearms either. IÂ’m that happy with your service that IÂ’ve recommended you to all my friends.
Glyn B


Thank you again - I've now had a few weeks of riding on my updated setup and it's fantastic..! I'm working on relaxing my shoulders still but overall comfort, power, pedalling speed is all better.
Colin Mc


Just to let you know, I've been out on a few rides since the bike fitting, and I am seeing significant improvements. Back pain is now only starting at over 20 miles in instead of 10, and I'm able to put another 2 mph on my averages. Also confident that there's further improvement to come if I keep up with the stretching, keep an eye on saddle height, and use the other riding techniques you mentioned.
Richard R


Knees - wow, no pain at all. This is a transformation.
Lower neck/shoulders. No soreness across the shoulders and just a little discomfort in the lower neck after about 30 miles.
Cramped feeling in the feet - was 9 out of 10 (in right foot), now down to 3 out of 10. I'll look at getting the insoles you mentioned. But no real problem to be honest - certainly not on the commute.
Perhaps a bit of discomfort where my bum has contact with the saddle.
It's difficult to be accurate with the effect this has had on speed but I reckon I could be averaging 1 mile an hour faster. So, comfort and speed greatly improved. Enjoyment up ten fold.
Mike - this is money well spent. This is also an understatement!
Helen R


The TT bike is really fast. Thanks ever so much for doing the fitting. The bars are in the correct position. My times have been dropping since I have started using it so I am really happy. The saddle is a bit uncomfortable but I am going to try and get used to it!
Mike E


It's taken a little while to get my knee back into shape. It's not perfect yet but things are progressing well, since the fitting I don't have any discomfort while cycling. I'm back doing 150-200 miles a week and completed the Great Nottinghamshire Bike Ride yesterday, by the time I got home it was 90 odd miles all told - and on the fixed gear. That raised a few eyebrows!
Thanks again for all your help. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your fitting to anyone thinking of getting it done. It's made a world of difference.
Jason A


Many thanks for the bike fit. The Dogma feels great.
Paul B


The bike was fantastic on the Cape Argus in Sou Africa. I had none of my previous back problems and actually finished the race an hour faster than expected. Considering that previous rides over two hours resulted in lots of lower back pain, to ride over four hours with no issues was fantastic.
Barry E


As suspected I started to get a little pain in my L knee after saddle going up 7mm. As you predicted, this first appeared at the back of the knee and then moved to the lower front. I only did a couple of rides before deciding to lower 2mm to 5mm above start point. Fortunately I think I lowered it just in time to avoid any long term problems as the knee has now settled and has withstood some very testing hill interval training sessions and long competitive rides, the latest being the Dragon 120km at the weekend in 3:44 :) The good news is that I have virtually no back pain while riding and -yes- power delivery feels better.
Cindy E


First feedback very positive. You set up my tourer for my four month trip round s e Asia. 4000 miles not one twinge. Thank you
Jon E


Just a quick line to let you know that I PBÂ’d on the A10/19 with a time of 23.52 on Saturday. This was an improvement of 3.28 over last yearÂ’s best and an improvement of 1.41 over my previous best from this season so far. The only change IÂ’ve made to the set up since the fitting is having the saddled tilted less severely down back in March.
Peter M


Thought I'd drop you a quick email to let you know how things have gone since we met. First ride to work was a whole minute and a half quicker with my new more efficient setup! The GPS tracking shows that it is mostly a quicker ascent up the hills so It's probably a combination of saddle position and me trying to employ your suggested peddling technique for climbs. I'm finding my overall control of the bike is much improved due to a far more comfortable riding position. I've also noticed some new muscles aching (in a good way!) due to the improved posture. I can only assume they didn't ache before because they weren't being employed as they ought to have been. All-in-all I'm extremely pleased to know that the bike is tailored to me now rather than me having to stretch myself to the bike.
Roger T


I thought I'd drop you a line to say thanks for the bikefit the other day & to let you know that the knee pain has almost completely disappeared!! After the fit I did the Etape Caledonia in 5hr & 5min (25 min shorter than predicted). I had a different knee pain for the first 20 miles or so & thereafter no pain whatsoever. I have done a couple of rides since with very little pain.
Nick L


It took a bit of time to source the new 170mm cranks and I didn't move the seat and bars until then. Once in their new positions with the new cranks everything felt comfortable. Combined with a few of the stretching exercises you gave me I'm really pleased to report that I can hold my tucked aero bar position for the whole of my 12.5 mile commute now and can crack 40 mins quite often , which is an average of almost 19mph. Not much I know compared to the TT wizards but not bad for a daily commute! This is a a considerable improvement over my performance prior to seeing you. It had got to the stage where ten minutes was the most I could do tucked before I had to sit up and relieve my lower back tension.
Steve J


Thanks for the photos and your help yesterday, it looks like you found the final piece of the jigsaw to fix my left leg flick. I'm really pleased with the the results from yesterday.
Val H


Many thanks for the fitting and the following report. I went out for a 12 miler the following day on my road bike and everything felt very good! Unfortunately I sprained my calf muscle on Saturday and I've not been out on the bike since!
However, I feel very confident that having the fitting will prove to be very beneficial - especially to my hip!
David T


Just wanted to say IÂ’ve been out for a few rides now since I had the bike fit done and IÂ’ve noticed an immediate improvement. My average speed come up and IÂ’m about 3-4 minutes faster along my 15 mile route, IÂ’m also much better balanced on the bike,
Dudley G


Mike, just a quick note to tell you how pleased I was with your service. I came for a Dynamic Fit plus Shoe and Cleats assessment and a pre-history of back ache and knee problems. You quickly diagnosed the problem (and it wasn't just old age!). My cleats were, you confirmed, well positioned (although you recommended a change from black to grey cleats to give me more 'float') and my bike had been set up at the ideal fore-aft position using the Knee over Pedal Spindle criteria, but this had been compromised by having my saddle too high and my hips too far forward. You also identified (again correctly) that my hamstring and hip rotator flexibility was quite poor, especially the left hamstring. The 'cure' was to drop the saddle by 11mm and to move it back by 10mm. You also rolled the handlebars back a few degrees to bring the hoods a little closer to me. On the scale of things three small changes, but what a world of difference! In the next week I determined to give these changes a real workout. On the next two days (which was a weekend) I did an 84 mile ride followed by a 40 mile ride. Normally, my left knee would start to feel these distances after about 35 miles and the pain would stay with me for days. This time not a sausage. I took Monday as a rest day and then did a club 10 mile TT on Tuesday evening. Result - a PB on that course. The following Saturday I did a 54 mile sportive and powered up hills which normally leave me struggling. And the stretches you showed me at the session have helped my recovery after all these events. So, all in all, one very happy customer. When i get my touring bike later in the year I shall be back to make certain I've got it set up properly. Many thanks again, Dudley
Andrew McD


Just a short note to let you know I am pleased with the results from the fitting you did for me. No further discomfort at all and enjoying the cycling as ever. I have recommended your service to a couple of friends and would be happy to provide a reference to any prospective client.
Jon E


Another week, another PB – this time 1:39 off my time on the sporting K18/10, so I’ve achieved my first target of getting below 26:59 on that particular course.
Tim P


Being, regrettably, both sceptical and superstitious I wanted to leave some time to really test the changes and eliminate auto-suggestion as a factor. At our session, you made a number of relatively small changes – saddle height and angle, Right food varus wedge, cleat setting, handlebar angle – to address a persistent problem around my right knee. You also made a very helpful suggestion about lack of ankle flex. I have to say I noticed an immediate improvement. This has not diminished as I have increased journey length and general loading. I have no doubt actually that my right knee has some weakness – I am aware of it in other activities. However – praise the Lord! – intensive cycling is once again the pain free and liberating experience it used to be.
Peter G


Thanks for the information and for seeing us at short notice, really enjoyed the testing and will hopefully improve my cycling.
Went out this morning for a quick 25 miler and I must say I did find it strange, my left leg is now using muscles it has never used before. I did feel a little low on the saddle but I will persevere with it and hopefully come through the other side.
Mark C


Thought you may like to know; I managed a 24 min 30 sec for my windy 10 mile on Saturday. This is two minutes quicker than me previous PB. Winner did a 21 something, his previous PB was 19.30
I am sure the bike set-up had a big role to play. IÂ’m looking forward to the rest of the season when I have a chance to train harder and loosen of those key muscles!
David C


I rode the 2-Up TT on Sunday and the new position felt fine even under the strain of pushing hard and I didn't get my usual sore back towards the end. My legs were a bit stiffer than usual yesterday but I guess that's because I was using the muscles in a different way (?) - not a big problem in any case.
Paul C


The fit is going excellently thus far; any knee pain whilst cycling has disappeared as has my back-ache. Well done.
Richard S


Did my normal 25 mile route and not only was I free from any numbness / discomfort in the gentlemans area, but was able to get onto the aerobars in a really comfortable position and as a result was over 1mph faster on average. Great news!! - Just need to find another 2mph from training now!
Colin F


Thanks Mike, it was a real pleasure meeting you and the difference you have made is incredible (I have just finished a session on the trainer). We both had a lovely day away from work, thank you.
Tom A


I found the insoles I previously discarded as feeling strange in shoes, so refitted to new specialized shoes as suggested, trimming them slightly to improve feel.
35-40 mile cycle in cold windy weather in Scotland on road bike, with above shoes. Firstly no untoward physical niggles...just tired from the cycle. Felt loads better, and finished strongly. Positive comments from others as to the comfortable look to my cycle. All effort was positive and resulted in a noticeable feeling of not wasting effort. Even had a stint in front on bottom of bars into rainy head wind!!! IÂ’m proving to be a good wind break!!
No knee pain....and no pins and needles in feet....more positive ‘stamp’ on pedals!!
MTB...Sunday...25ish hard cycle....
As above, shoes has made a big difference to comfort. Feel the seat ‘could’ be higher but not tempted to raise and after cycle felt no knee problems...was tired but felt as above not having to battle\worry I was doing myself harm.
Got two days in Wales MTB on 25 so doing training cycles after work up until we go away...notable weight loss probably helping posture on bike so can only get better. I have been asked if there is a similar version of you in Scotland??? As my mates want one now. Even interest from my dad in Australia!!
Terry S


It was a very interesting two hours and I learned a lot of things I had not even thought of. Fantastic customer service is hard to find but you certainly excelled in this area.
Nick S


Thanks for the info and your time on saturday - you will be pleased to know the bike felt fine on the Sunday - clocked up 21.3mph average over the 20k which i am happy with, bit more practice and I should be there - could not get the cleats on as expected however I am confident that is down to cycling with them in a different position for 18 months.
Christian M


Having suffered from some knee pain following a sportive I decided it was time to seek some expert bike fitting advice. I found the Bike Dynamics website and after speaking to Mike I decided that I would rather speak to someone who does bike fitting day-in and day-out rather than visiting my local bike shop.
The fitting was a fantastically interesting experience with Mike explaining everything in clear detail and helping me understand how a millimetre here and their can have a big impact on your position on the bike, overall comfort and power out-put. Following on from the initial fitting I noticed how much more comfortable my position on the bike was (without ever feeling uncomfortable prior to the bike fitting) and this resulted in a near instant increase in average speed of 1 to 1.5mph.
I would highly recommend both a bike fitting and Mike's services to every serious cyclist - whether or not you are experiencing pain or discomfort. The first thing I will do when I get my next bike is bring it to Mike for a fitting before even venturing out on the road with it.