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BikeDynamics Bike Fitting Courses

BikeDynamics Ltd offers bespoke online and 'in person' Bike Fitting courses to anyone interested in the theory and practice of achieving the ideal cycling posture. Courses are tailored for individuals or small groups, with the following examples of what is available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to receive a proposal.

Online Courses

The Foot to Pedal Interface.

Explores the six degrees of freedom between the shoe and pedal and shows how all but one can be adjusted to suit the needs of the rider. Longitudinal and rotational alignment can be relatively straight-forwards but lateral spacing, yaw (i.e. varus / valgus correction) and vertical leg length correction all need some care. The course also reviews the role of foot shape and arch support. The course is generic and applicable to all cleat systems, but can be customised to go into more detail on one or more types if necessary.

2 Hours £100

DIY Bike Fitting Using Simple Tools

This course complements the PDF guide sold on this website. Talking through each stage of the process, concentrating on any area where the participant needs clarification or more information. the course is designed to help people conduct their own fits, but could also be applicable to those wishing to offer Bike Fits in a retail environment.

2-3 Hours £150

'In Person' Courses

Observational Bike Fitting for Retailers.

Aimed at people working within the retail environment with the usual time and cost pressures. With good observational skills and simple measurements, shop employees should be able to complete a basic Dynamic Bike Fit to successfully send customers out on new bikes or resolve problems with their existing ones.

Bike Fitting using Video Analysis.

Video Analysis is a simple, relatively cheap but highly effective way of adding objective measures to the observational skills required to complete a good Dynamic Bike Fit. Primarily using Kinovea software, the participants will understand the data acquisition requirements, camera angles, body reference points and joint angles that support the fitting process.

Bike Fitting for Health Care Professionals.

Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Therapists and Podiatrists will see how bike and shoe / cleat set up can be instrumental to their client’s injuries and recovery. A course of this nature would support the compulsory Continual Professional Development required within many healthcare fields.

Bike Fitting as a Business.

Learn what you need to set up a Bike Fitting business. From Biomechanics to Websites


  • Individual - 1/2 Day £275
  • Individual - Full day £390
  • Pairs - Full Day £290

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