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Bike Fitting - Fit Options and Prices
Dynamic Fit Dynamic plus Shoe & Cleats Additional Bike
£110 £145 £75
1½ - 2½ Hours 2 - 3 Hours ½ - 1½ Hours
Customer interview
Posture, flexibility and key anatomical measurements.
Establish suitable test conditions and continually monitor speed,
power and cadence on a turbo trainer.
Dynamically measure knee, ankle, hip, torso, arm and wrist geometries.
Assess upper body stability.
Optimise saddle height, set back and tilt.
Determine appropriate minimum hip angle.
Determine optimum crank length.
Optimise handlebar and TT / triathlon bar positions, recommend
suitable handlebar width.
Optimise shifter location.
Assess frontal x-sectional area and explore opportunities for
aerodynamic improvement.
Measure forefoot posture, longitudinal arch and toe in/out.
Assess propensity for insteps to fall under load.
Optimise cleat location.
Track lateral knee displacements and determine suitable shoe,
shim, spacer or insole recommendations.
Investigate pedalling style opportunities to minimise stroke
'dead spots'and improve efficiency.
Recommend suitable stretching / strengthening exercises.
Complete all feasible adjustments, torque check fixings and
conduct safety checks.
Summary of recommendations, conclusions and key geometry.
Sent by e-mail within 24 hours.

Bike fit - Options

Dynamic Fit £110

A Dynamic fit is designed to establish the best compromise between efficient power delivery and comfort, which will vary depending upon the customers flexibility and objectives. Using a CompuTrainer ergometer with Spinscan analysis software and Dartfish motion capture to accurately define the cyclist's posture around the pedal stroke. An optimum fit is achieved using a combination of direct observation, subjective impression and objective data. The motion capture equipment enables detailed measurements of dynamic knee, hip, ankle, torso, arm and wrist postures whilst Spinscan provides left-right power contribution, and pedalling efficiency metrics. More importantly for a TT or Triathlon bike, the Dynamic Fit would also include an assessment of the total frontal surface area and look for opportunities to improve aerodynamics.

Dynamic Fit plus Shoe and Cleat £145

Our most popular fitting option. The additional Shoe & Cleat fitting is a detailed study of the foot, shoe, pedal interface and the subsequent implications to power delivery and comfort. The Shoe & Cleat option is essential for anybody experiencing any discomfort with their feet, knees and hips or hoping to prevent injury in the future. The Shoe & Cleat fitting uses the front and side cameras to accurately define knee and ankle trajectories and in conjunction with the cleat jig, fore-foot measuring device and foot scanner, help develop suitable recommendations and countermeasures. These could include cleat wedges, shims, insoles or a change in pedalling style. Asymmetric cleat placement can also be used to correct for leg length differences. If appropriate we may also use the Look Keo Fit System, an electronic pedal to accurately measure the angle of the foot and required float whilst pedalling.

Additional bike £75

Very few cyclists are satisfied with owning only the one bike, with summer, winter, mountain, fixed wheel, gravel, time trial, triathlon and many other machines taking up space in garages, sheds and houses. Replicating the recommended position on a similar geometry frame with an identical saddle is relatively straightforward, but even small differences will necessitate going through the Dynamic Fit process again.

Bike fit - Extras

Chartered Physiotherapy Assessment - Pilates Instruction £70

Our bike fittings include a number of postural and flexibility checks, but an optimum bike fit or problem resolution may require a more detailed analysis by a Chartered Physiotherapist.
Helen Tudge (MCSP) provides this service to BikeDynamics customers, with typical additional content including.

Postural assessment to identify factors that may predispose customer to muscular-skeletal pain.
Core stability assessment and training plan to optimise performance.
Detailed balance assessment of the key cycling muscle groups.
Treatment plans to address current issues.
Home regime of appropriate maintenance exercises to optimize performance and retain cycling comfort.
These Physiotherapy sessions are integrated into the Dynamic Fit process. Thursday afternoons are kept for joint Fitting / Physio sessions, with some availability on Monday afternoons and Saturday mornings. Please see the online calendar here for availability and feel free to enquire if you would prefer another time.

Helen also runs Pilates for Cyclists classes in Leamington Spa and other South Warwickshire locations.
Please see for details.


Please note we keep a stock of both new and recycled parts, particularly stems, seat posts, bars and tape, shims, wedges, insoles and cleats. If, for instance, the fitting suggests you need a different stem, you can either purchase one of ours or buy and fit one yourself separately. For new parts, I will usually match Wiggle prices.