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Do it Yourself Dynamic Bike Fitting

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learn the observational skills of professional Bike Fitters and how to take simple measurements to do your own Dynamic Bike Fits. Instead of hanging plumblines or placing heels on pedals, see how different pieces of information come together to define the ideal locations of the bike's contact points.

49 Page PDF download describing all the observations, simple measurements and calculations required to do your own Dynamic Bike Fits.

Revision 2 released May 2020.
Contains updated male and female saddle height calculators and new information on male / female leg length proportions. Plus a new section to assist with saddle choice and improving comfort.

What's Required?

A Turbo Trainer
Simple Tools
A Willing Helper.

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Customer Feedback

The little 45 page book is a treasure and really raises your awareness. There may only be 45 pages of information - but it's because it cuts out the BS and brings the benefit of a huge amount of experience. There is a clear avoidance of impractical "perfection" - yet the recognition that when you find your optimum even a couple of millimetres can make a huge difference.

Ian B


Thanks for a fantastic DIY guide – I (slightly) injured my knee last week due to a combination of a new saddle (12mm lower height from the pad to the bars), sitting further forwards on a seat set up with a ~5 degree slope, and tight winter leggings. I’ve sorted each problem out, and your guide has allowed me to check a new seat height set-up and to measure the impact of forward/back position on the inclined saddle in less time than it would have taken to get down to my LBS for a fit.

Sam C


Thank you for publishing your wonderful bike fit guide. This has answered many questions I used to have on bike set up. I must admit I have not gone through the whole process as you describe, but even following a few of your pointers I am already far more comfortable.

John E