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2010 Customer Feedback

Bruce M


Many thanks for yesterday's bike fitting session. I found it really useful.
I'm hoping that the adjustments you made to my bike along with the foam roller exercises I'm doing will allow me to enjoy cycling again, something that I've not been able to do for a long time now.
Steve P


Hi Mike Many Thanks for this, really impressed with the service and will recommend you within the club.
Nigel D


Many thanks for the report. I wish I'd done your bike fit long ago!
Richard G


Thanks to you I have been able to train harder and longer this year and really enjoy my cycling.As a side benefit I have only needed to go to the chiropractors once this year for my sacro-iliac condition. I am sure this is because I have put extra insoles in my normal right shoes, to offset my leg length descrepancy, which I wouldnÂ’t have known about otherwise.
I have done some club TTÂ’s this year and came joint first in the hill climb, won the 25mi senior event, was part of the 2 up winning team and won the overall points championship. Best result though was winning my home town sportive.
Ian B


I contacted Mike to investigate the right size of bike for me, and how to ride effectively and safely given that I have very flat feet. Mike’s system of visualising and explaining how the rider and bike interact was a revelation. He identified corrective techniques to deal with the foot positioning, overlaid my “ideal geometry” on examples of current road bikes and through adjustments to my current bike, gave me some extra “oomph” for faster straights and ascents. Thanks”
Andy C


Many thanks for the excellent bike fit on the TT bike. Have just done some 5 min intervals on the tubo and power is showing 10 - 15 watts higher!
Mike M


I don't believe it!
10 minutes on your turbo trainer and my knees were hurting on Sunday... BUT - I went out for an hour's thrash last night (lovely evening), and today no pain at all! Could such small adjustments really have sorted what I was afraid was going to be a cycling show stopper??? Amazing!
Jim M


I raced at the weekend on the new road bike.
The saddle still feels low, obviously because it was too high to start with and also because I have been doing a lot of TTÂ’s and my TT bike has a slightly higher saddle and totally different position. Anyway, it didnÂ’t stop me from winning the race!
Joe S


I took the bike to work yesterday (40 miles round trip). It was fantastic to get off without knee pain and I could really feel the energy going into the bike instead of the wobbles. In addition you have eliminated a niggle at the top of my back/neck (I think) by raising the height of the "on the hoods" position.However, on the downside, I feel a lot more shock through the bars so my hands did get numb and I don't feel in full control of the steering and braking "on the drops" any more.
Janet M


I came to you some time ago and had my two trek bikes fitted because I was doing the Deloitte Ride Across Britain. Obviously I've now completed it and I'd just like to say that I had no problems whatsoever with injury, not an ache or pain developed over the 1012 miles. Having the bike fitted was one of my better decisions and you obviously got it spot on so many thanks for the part you played in a painless challenge.
Matthew C


I've been meaning to drop you a line and thank you for your part in achieving my goal at The Outlaw IM distance triathlon last month. I visited you for a fit last November with a stated aim of riding a 6 hour split. Although we only had to make some minor adjustments to the bike as a result of my video analysis, I'm pleased to report a 5:22 bike - and with a good deal left in the tank.
Harriet C


Hope youÂ’re well, wanted to let you know that in a 15.7 mile hilly Time Trial the other week I knocked 2m40s off my previous time on that course from April. Some of that would be due to my improved ability but the bike setup can definitely take some credit too. (Unfortunately my husband still beat me by 32s but I will get him next time!) On Sunday I came second in my age group at London Triathlon Olympic distance (chuffed as was my first time racing this distance). My average bike speed was over 21mph for the 40km so also very positive.
Suzanne P


I raced a half Ironman yesterday, the last time I did this particular race was 2 years ago and my bike split was a full 30 minutes faster this time, needless to say I'm delighted. I knew my cycling had improved and I've also shifted some weight but on the whole I put it down to the cranks and tweeks you made.
Ryan B


Thanks for the report, I found the advice you gave me very useful. As a side issue I raced at the weekend with my new 8.0mm increased saddle height & was able to win the race with a lone break! So it looks like the Dynamic Fit was well worth the while.
Denise M


Thanks very much for all your help this morning, and the report. I have just done 20kms on the Kona, and NO KNEE PAIN at all, and a happy back! I didn't feel the need to stretch my back during the ride (which I always used to do).
Alistair P


The ride home was both appreciably quicker and more comfortable – the combination I was looking for! Rode to work this morning and whilst my legs were a bit heavy from last nights ride, I had no back ache or saddle soreness which I would previously have had. I can’t tell you how pleased I am with the results of the set up, and I’ll be recommending you to my riding friends.
Ric C


Hi Mike , just a couple of lines to say thank you. The bike set up was perfect I think and got the job done in it's entirity. Jonathan and Dave got there as well, a little quicker than me, but all in across the Lands End finish line.
The most telling and complimentry thing that I can say is no major injuries or pains. A little numb still in the palms , but all 3 of us injury free. I think thats all down to you and your excellent work setting the bikes up. A huge thank you to you.
Paul B


Thanks for your time. I found the whole experience facinating on Friday. The Blenheim triathlon went really well I enjoyed the whole experience and my total time was 7 mins quicker that my last one at mallory park in March. I'd like to think that this was at least in part due to increased fitness but I have to say my bike time was 5 mins quicker than before but the telling thing was that extra speed had little extra effect on my legs and in particular my hips flexors which were always a bit dodgy on the run. I felt really fresh and a better comparitive run time to boot. The conditions were ideal and the swim was easy but I did definately feel as though I could stay in the aero bars position all day if neccessary (and still walk afterwards)
Russell M


The bike felt great in my race on Sunday, I had no problems with the new measurements and never moved to the front of the saddle. My average speed over the 25miles was 20.8 and I was 4 mins faster than last year.
Chris H


Mike, For the second time I am able to report another Life time personnel best! After 32 years of trying, I have done it. E2/25 59 min 30 sec (2 min 28 sec off my all time PB) Despite a gusty tail wind to the turn there were several sheltered stretches on the way back. It was at about 17 miles I suddenly realised that my dream was about to come true. I was on my best bike with a disc wheel this time but I had copied the other bikes setup as closely as possible. And yes before you ask I used 165mm cranks.
Thanks for your help.
Simon H


Just wanted to say a big thankyou as I managed to take 2 minutes off my Triathlon Bike time at Blenheim, down to 33.23 and I think the position was a significant part of that. Also, knee pain is not an issue now.
James S


My ride was the most comfortable so a long way...both on the bike and exertion wise...yet I astonished myself and improved my time by a whopping (for me) 1 minute 31 secs!!
Nic B


Thoroughly enjoyed today's session, quite amazing all the different geometrical aspects to riding a bike effectively, no more Ebay ventures next time I'll get a bike that fits from the start! Had a quick test ride when I returned home, feels great, far more comfortable riding position, pedal power and the compact handle bars are fantastic Looking forward to a longer ride to fully test out the new position and getting down onto the drops for a while tomorrow
Chris H


Hi Mike
I came and had a bike fitting on Friday 5th March and you said to let you know how I got on using the setup that you did on my Second best (training/early season) time trial bike.
Well here is the proof that your system works if anyone needs it.
4th Time trial of the season.
Life time personal best of 23:43 (25.3mph) In the Norlond Combine F1B/10.
That is 34 seconds of my previous best 10 time and its only April. I was not even on my best bike with disc wheels, I was on my training bike which is the one you set up for me.
Thanks very much for your help.
Rick C


A big thank you for finding the time to see me. Got the 165 cranks and that together with the other adjustments has made a tremendous difference. I got up the notorious Ditchling Beacon seated in the saddle, and likewise the highest point in Kent called Toys Hill at the 100 mile mark also seated. Elbow pain gone. Ankle not eradicated, but better. Right knee a little sore after 110 miles so will have to watch the tracking. I think you've saved the day on the bike front, so it's down to me now.
David B


Entered my first club 10M of season last Tuesday evening. Surprised a few folk with, 24.23, a PB by 40 secs on quite a slow course. Not too sure where all the improvement came from because had the new bike plus a different 'mindset' along with my new position. In fact the new position definitely feels 'quicker but I did note I had a tendency to slide further forward still on saddle without realising. Then reminding myself to sit back again. What do you think's going on here?
Andy N


Thanks for a great morning reviewing my position on the bike, I found it extremely useful. I found the session really enjoyable, insightful and educational. Importantly I felt part of the process and fully understood the changes we were making to my position and why. IÂ’ve really noticed a difference in my power output from the small changes we made. IÂ’d definitely recommend your services to fellow riders. Thanks once again.
Ian B


Hi Mike I completed a 50mile ride last week and the knee gave me no problems at all.My speed has also increased so I'm very happy with the set up that you sorted out for me. Once again thanks Ian.
Paul D


I managed to get out on the bike over the weekend for a couple of long rides. Everything felt much better although I still have aches in the backside but perhaps this is only to be expected. I certainly felt more comfortable on the bike, with much reduced pain in my right wrist, and no pain at all in the back of the knee, although this has been replaced by a new pain in the front of my left knee. Any suggestions please? Overall however my performance has improved and I do feel more comfortable.
John C


First, thanks for the fitting. IÂ’ve been on a couple of long rides and actually enjoyed parts of them. I can even contemplate the bike leg of the triathlon as something other than 3 hours of unremitting agony between the swim and the run! Though not painless, my back feels much better and I seem to get much more power than before.
Phil B


Hi Mike, I done my first time trial last night since you set my bike up properly and it felt really good, alot better than what it was. I managed to get a new PB on the course I done last night and was only 10 seconds of from my overall PB, so I think it did really help, thanks very much.
Paul R


At the weekend, I competed in my first Tri of the year, which was a fairly hilly course. I managed to improve on last years time by about 5 minutes over a 20K course, and managed to average over 18mph ,which I was very happy with, when you take into account that I estimate that I was climbing for over 20 % ? of the ride. I found that my ankles were more relaxed and this seemed to help with the run afterwards. Thanks again.
Andy R


Very many thanks for yesterday it was great to finally to have somebody who knew what they were doing to get me right on both bikes. I had an hour and a half steady on the TT bike when I got back yesterday evening and the new position is much more comfortable, just need to get used to the elbows being slightly closer together - not uncomfortable just feels a bit strange!
Darryl B


I had my first rides on the weekend after the fitting with you. initially it felt like the seat was about a foot too high, but after about 15-30 minutes it was used to it. i had a little sprint for a village as I normally do 3-4 times a ride. it was my first sprint fOr the year so I did not get out of the saddle and did not go too hard. it may be in my head, but it felt like I had more power. I rationalised that this was due to my feet being wider apart as well as the higher saddle.
John M


I've had a couple of weeks and two races with the new bike fits. Things are going very well. The Cervelo is very comfortable even on the tri bars. The road bike has taken more getting used to but I've come round. The 100-miler went well with no shoulder or neck aches and very little "hot" foot near the end. I had a hilly 53-mile ride in the Pennines on Saturday and climbed well with the new saddle position and no hot foot, so I'm going to leave it as it is. One person even commented that I was sitting pretty! The new stem and bar position is excellent - it's the first time I've been comfortable on the drops since I can remember.
Clive A


Just thought I would give some more feedback 3 months after the bike fit. In a word, fantastic! The pain I was getting in my Achilles tendons just after the fit has now gone. Along with the stretch exercises, I finished up lowering the seat 10mm for month, then back up 5mm for another month, and back to the position of the fitting a month ago and all is good. Hips, back, hands all perfect.
Pete S


As for my first ride out of the year - it was most interesting. Just a short 20 miler on one of my usual sprint circuits, but my av speed was 20.2 mph using the same computer I used last year to record a PB of 19.5. For my very first trip out on the revamped Pinarello this was nothing short of staggering. The 172.5 cranks spun quicker and let me run 2 / 3 teeth higher geared on the rear sprocket which is exactly where I wanted to be. The extra couple of mm this allowed on the seatpin made just enough difference to the feel of the bike when I stretched out on the hoods as well so everything felt great! Thanks for helping to turn a good setup into being completely dialled and meeting one of my seasons objectives on the first ride out. Wonder how long it will take me to break 22mphÂ…..
Scott D


Hi Mike, Thanks for such a high-quality, professional job today. We both thoroughly enjoyed it and gained a great deal from it. Thanks especially for your care and attention to detail and for your inspiring words!
Mike C


Many thanks for today. I rode back from the station and could feel the benefit of the changes at once. Less effort needed to go quicker, and no knee pain at all. And the saddle is incredibly comfortable.
Neal L


Mike's calm demeanour and methodical approach made for a really useful few hours. He managed to alter my posture, help mitigate problems with my knees by correcting the angle of my cleats and improve efficiency within a short space of time. On my first ride out I immediately noticed a difference, feeling much more comfortable and powerful.
Chris H


Dear Mike
Thanks for a great morning, I learned a lot and I am sure my time trials will improve. On the Saturday morning I had an amazing improvement in power output. Normally I struggle to keep the power at 190 W (Polar watts much lower than tacx) since the bike setup I was able to hold 236 W. This improvement is amazing. No wonder I was able to push and hold 289 W on your tacx.
Thanks again
Alex M


Just wanted to say thanks for the great fit session the other day. I've managed to get out on the bike a few times since, and all the small aches and pains seem to have gone (or going!).
Damian C


Fantastic summary report. Very interesting and informative. I am really pleased with the new position and excited at the prospect of taking this to the road. Thank you so much for your time and expertise today. I am very impressed with your thoroughness and knowledge of the fit between bike and rider and absolutely love your approach to the process and with the application of some effective science. So much better than the "thumb in the air" approach I've experienced in the past.
John N


You asked me to let you know how I got on with the new set-up and it is now three months since I visited you. Well it has all been very good, so thank you very much. I particularly noticed that after having to slow down on a hill and then kicking again, that my whole body was tensed ready for the effort but the pedals moved with ease. Following your recommendation to persevere with the set-up, I have only just made my first alteration last week. That was to rotate the front of the saddle slightly downwards. I had been feeling some pressure there.
Stuart D


Felt great this morning, the best I have felt in ages after a turbo session. I did 50 mins on the turbo last night, in "sweet spot" intervals, the first interval was 20 mins at 240Watts, 2nd was 10 mins at 255 Watts. The left glute pain is essentially non existent as is the numbness on the outside of the knees and lower leg. The outside of my lower leg did used to feel tender "the morning after" but now it feels great, just about what I believe it should after a workout.
Best Regards
Clive A


I have just completed a 30 mile run, and I am very pleased to say that it is a great improvement. It is a much more comfortable and smoother ride and I donÂ’t seem to have any aches or pains in hips or lower back. I combined some 100-110 cadence spinning and pushed hard on some hills in higher gears, and it seems consistent across the whole range. Can go uphill better without leaving the seat.
Still get some pain in the hands and wrists, but nowhere near as much – I feel I need some time and more miles to get used to the changes, I noticed I was placing hands on the hoods and using the drops more than I did. Also, efficiency seems better too, I notice I was travelling faster with the same perceived effort and within the same heart rate ranges as I usually use, average mph has increased by 2-3, which surprises me. It could be a one off I guess, but it is over a run I do regularly so I’ll see if it continues.
TimeTrailling Forum


Well I'm an old hack and an old cynic. Been riding for years, racing for a few.
Just arrived back from here
This man knows what he is doing, and I can't wait to get the benefits of the changes made. As far as I'm concerned, compared to £1000 plus for some fancier wheels, £2000 plus for a really top notch frame, this is the best way to spend your money to go faster.
The long and the short (in my case) of my test, with video analysis etc was that my saddle went forward and down, I had the tri bars tweaked slightly, adjusted the position of the shoe plates and had a recomendation (with detailed explanation) that I should consider shorter cranks, and put some instep support inside my cycling shoes. I also noticed that this years winter gut was bigger than last years.
Although the wattage is only a comparative measure, I went 5mph faster for the same effort when the changes had been made, although I recognize that this will not translate directly into speed improvement on the road (I wish!).
Stubbsy, a happy man.
Pete O


Just thought I’d let you know how things have gone. In one word – great!
I can now spend a considerable amount of time on my tri bars with no real discomfort. I did 15 hours last week and would estimate I spent at least 3/4 of those hours on the tri bars.
My shoulder is still painful but IÂ’m coming to the conclusion this isnÂ’t a positioning issue but rather from my weight. IÂ’ll have to see how I get on.
The general position is also far better and I feel a lot more comfortable during a long ride.


Morning Mike, Thanks to you also for Saturday. Given your parting word...don’t be precious –take the bike out-I did on Sunday! It was fantastic! She was light, twitchy and responsive. Shifting to the middle chain ring was still a bit of a dog and I will take that in for a look-see. So far all seems well with the fitting. The real value for me was the coaching element that you provided and this may be something you would want to expand on within your business. I spent yesterday saying out loud, “use the feet!”. It was a different experience. I am now more aware as a result of your input. So big thanks for that.
Andrew S


Many thanks, very useful. I found today very informative and I am sure I will feel the difference.
Tim P


Thanks for a great afternoon, most useful and very informative. I look forward to putting your recommendations into practice if it ever stops snowing, I reckon with the new saddle, positioning coupled with all that titanium inside me it should add several kph on my average speed!


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