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All regular cyclists will enjoy riding their bike. Sometimes this enjoyment can be compromised by niggles such as saddle sores; knee, neck and back pain; or an inability to improve their performance beyond a particular personal best. Many cyclists are forever tinkering with their position - looking for that elusive perfect posture, but unable to pinpoint why they "just don't feel quite right".

BikeDynamics - Leamington

Mike Veal launched BikeDynamics as a standalone Bike Fitting business in 2008. Since then he has seen nearly 3500 customers, of all shapes and sizes. As a rule, all clients enjoy and benefit from the fitting process. For some, it can be an outstanding, life changing success. After 11 fantastic years of full time Bike Fitting, Mike was looking forwards to a 12th and last before retirement, but then Coronavirus came along! BikeDynamics Leamington saw it’s last ‘in person’ Bike Fits prior to the second England lockdown in November 2020.

BikeDynamics - Hinckley

Over the years, Scott Millns has brought a number of bikes to the Leamington Studio. One such visit in 2019 included a conversation about Mike’s retirement plans, planting a seed in Scott’s mind on the prospect of taking on the BikeDynamics business. This seed quickly grew into full succession planning with training starting in the Autumn of 2019. Covid lockdown provided an opportunity for more study and research and by Autumn 2020, training was concluded and premises found. The next chapter ‘BikeDynamics Hinckley’ opened to customers in early 2021.

Online Pilates, Consultancy and Courses.

Mike is not retiring completely. The data generated from our 3400+ customers offers a rich mine of information to inform the Bike Fitting Industry. He continues to offer online Consultancy on Fit and Sizing issues as well as running bespoke Courses.
Long term BikeDynamics friend and colleague Helen Tudge MCSP has successfully moved her Pilates for Cyclists classes online via Zoom. Chartered Physiotherapist Helen is also offering one to one Cyclist’s Assessments to help participants improve their flexibility and manage injuries.

Hinckley Bike Fit Studio

The premises at the Asfare Business park, close to the junction of M69 and A5 have provided a fantastic opportunity to develop and expand the Bike Fitting offering. Continuing with the mantra of Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, and Record, existing technologies such as Dartfish motion capture and Computrainer Spinscan are maintained, but now the ‘Improve’ stage has the option to move onto the fully adjustable Shimano Fit Bike.

Scott has also invested in the fantastic Aerolab, aerodynamic testing equipment. Optimise your position on the bike and seek your most effective kit to minimise CdA.

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Bike Fitting & Aero Testing at BikeDynamics Hinckley
Scott Millns
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  • Bike Fit Courses & Online Consultancy
    Mike Veal B.Tech M.Sc
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  • Pilates for Cyclists and Online/ In Person Cyclists Assessments
    Helen Tudge MCSP
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    Great experience with Scott today - really informative and also great to get those adjustments that just make the ride that bit better. Great service from a great guy. Thanks Scott

    Very good experience. Scott got to the bottom of the issues straightaway and spent quite some time working out individual solutions.

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