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2009 Customer Feedback

John and Sue


Thanks for yesterday, very enlightening, would never have ended up with my position without your help. Looking forward to trying out on the road when the weather improves? Hope to come to see you again in the new year when we find Sue a TT bike.


Thank you for taking the time to run through everything so comprehensively yesterday and being kind enough to look at the Wilier. Sad to see it go but better to get a correctly fitting frame. Although we didn't change anything too much its reassuring to get everything set up to an ideal configuration. If anything it gives me one less set of excuses for not being able to keep up with the pack!


Just to let you know how I'm getting on. 1st trip out on the newly set up bike went well for about an hour, then I got a little pain on the outside of my left knee. I think this is a consequence of the tight hamstring problem, so I rested up and did a lot of stretching and then went out again a week later. This time, no pain and although I was taking it quite easy still felt quick and easy. Got back to find that although I had been going fairly steady I had in fact done a pretty quick time. Hard to do much riding in this weather, but I'm pretty happy that all you have done has been a definite improvement. So thanks very much for your help.


Just to let you know that I have now managed a few longer rides than normal and everything feels great. No more knee pain and I have really taken to the new seat position. It actually feels quiet natural now. Many, many thanks again for your time and expertise.


Hi Mike, just thought I would let u know how things are going with the new set ups. Riden both bikes for a fair few hours now and the knee pain I was getting in the left knee has gone, which is amazing. Feel far more comfortable on both bikes, put a 90mm stem on the road bike which is far better. The pedal tech intervals that I do showed that my max cadence before the fit was 179rpm since the fit it is now over 200rpm, dont know exactly how many cos the computer maxs out at 200, but that I am gob smacked about cos thats a masive increase and i'm doing nothing different to before the fit. So all in all i'm very pleased and just want to say thank you for your time and advice. thank you.
Will KW


Very impressive, thanks for your time. I did the turbo Sat and Sun and it definitely felt more comfortable on the aero bars which is a good thing. Thanks also for pointing out the need to increase my hamstring flexibility, will try and sort that out over the winter. I did replicate my position across to my other bike (which was very surprisingly easy as it almost identical). When I rode it, the seat felt far too high, then I remembered I was using spds for the cycle to work instead of look keos, dropped the seat a bit and everything was fine! Thanks again


Many many thanks for a great Saturday morning and all the useful advice and recommendations. I went out yesterday on a wet and windy 20 miles and although at first my new position felt odd, by the end of the ride I had no knee trouble like I have previously had. In addition by the end of the ride the position felt a lot better. I need to get some more miles in and a much longer ride, in terms of time to fully realize the position but my first impressions are good. I will keep you updated as and when I manage to get out more. Once again I appreciate the way you explained everything and your attention to detail.
Dave Collins


Hi Mike, I have had great rides after your bike fit, Only just got the shorter stem, had to order it, Have changed the handle bars to carbon blade & have gone for a 53/39 carbon crank as I am feeling stronger on the bike. Shame the weather has changed & the nights are drawing in. Anyway thank you for your help. ps. have set my winter bike to the same measurements which feels great.


I was unsure of using a bike fitting service because of my engineering background and previous coaching, through which I thought I knew enough to set my bike up well. However, this same background also taught me to measure and analyse everything possible, including dynamically, which I couldnÂ’t do myself. So, spending money with BikeDynamics has been a great investment and I shall be recommending the service to all my race driver clients who train on a bike. Great stuff. Thanks again for all your help so far.


Good morning Mike I have completed 3 sportive type rides in the last month, the last was yesterday, The Cat & Fiddle with 5 main climbs, The longest being the Cat at 7 miles , the knees a little tender this morning, to be expected but no pain on the ride itself, I still get some soreness on the outside of the knee for a couple of days after a ride, stretching the IT band is certainly helping, I will monitor the situation over the winter and decide if a shorter crank is required , maybe borrow one to try first, I will keep you informed. Best Regards Ted


Regarding the 40 miler around Wales. I did noticed a big difference in power, comfort, and efficiency, and no numbness in my fingers after the ride, I did suffer with cramp towards the end of the day, on the inside front muscles above my knees, my physio has since informed me apparently this is a good thing it proves the height of my seat, etc is now in a much better position, and indicates that these muscles were not being used before. Once again thanks for the good advice.


The session yesterday opened my eyes into why I was having pain throughout my lower back, neck (tension headaches), hamstrings, and slight knee discomfort. At the end of our session it felt great to spin on both bikes. I think that this has been the best 200 quid I have spend since I started cycling.



Did a fairly hard 77 miles yesterday. Results look promising.

  1. Did not have to sit up and stretch back after 30 or so miles
  2. No foot pain
  3. No pain in lower left back to speak of perhaps a bit on the left hip bone area.
  4. Almost no discomfort in hamstrings
  5. A lot less pressure just above the knees
For 65 miles of the ride I was almost 1mph quicker than previously.

Thanks for your help I will update you after next Sunday's ride.



Just wanted to say thanks for the session yesterday - very interesting / informative and has provided a good platform on which to get down to some hard work!


As well as clearly knowing his stuff, Mike has the ability to explain what he is doing to alter your position on your bike and why. The video feedback is excellent and the recommendations that he makes really do make a beneficial difference. I have no hesitation in recommending his BikeDynamics service to anyone that rides a bike.
Matt H

Coventry Triathletes


Hi Mike, Just to let you know I have trained and raced on the mountain bike a couple of times since visiting you and the positive difference is very noticeable on that bike as well - again, better acceleration, better comfort, no lower back pain and more power.


Got a new S-Works Zero Offset seatpost for the Roubaix, have set up the bike as directed by you and been out and done 80 miles over the weekend. The bike feels great, I feel "more in contact" with it, especially the handlebars (hoods & drops). I have bought a Tacx Cosmos Turbo (should arrive tomorrow) & have set my turbo bike up to as near as possible the set up on the Roubaix.

Thanks for your time sent me, it was certainly worth it!!



I came to see you in May and you ensured my set up was correct including tri bars - well I have just completed the UK Ironman in Bolton. As a complete novice I finished in 15 hr 37 mins. The bike leg was a rather slow 8 hours but I was worried I would run out of gas on the run which as it turned out was close to the truth. Anyway my purpose in writing is two-fold. Firstly to thank you for your help in May. I feel as though you were part of my virtual team that got me to the finish.
Matt H

Coventry Triathletes


Did my 10 mile TT last night. As it turns out it was a bit of a disappointment time wise but that was nothing to do with the new bike fit which was excellent. I'm really happy with how it felt. It was comfier, easier to accelerate up to power, easier to hold power and more aero. I'm sure running off the bike will be better as well due to the more open angle. I can't wait to get on a longer, rolling Tri / Du course. I'm sure I will be faster and fresher at the end compared with how I was.
Mark S


First short outing on the bike tonight, did about 13 miles and it felt very, very, different. The bike felt a lot smaller beneath me so that will take a bit of getting used to. However the legs felt so much better in the new position, my time was not noticeably quicker but they felt more powerful and coped better with climbing, i can see this being a lot better when i get used to the different feel.

Thank you for your attention to detail and the obvious pride in which you take in "getting it right".

Ian P


So for anyone reading this my problem was a painful coccyx and lower back pain. Queue Bike Dynamics, I was really impressed by Mike's knowledge and thoroughness, it was as if he was setting up his own bike - i really felt he wanted to get the setup right for me. My saddle was lifted 13mm and the fore/aft position was moved forward 22mm, we discussed various stem options and exercises for tight hamstrings which he said would be beneficial.

I left feeling quite optimistic and do you know what the guy's a genius!!, i've been out a couple of times since and guess what no pain - what a relief, i feel fresher go further and faster. Worth every penny and the bloody trip down the M1 from Leeds.

Massive Thanks Mike

Richard S


Thanks very much for report - was good summary of our discussions. I found it all very useful and illuminating - demystified the way that the body and bicycle interact most efficiently!


So for me Chiropractor for 13 months (~£1k) + 1 BikeDynamics session has made a massive step change - wish I'd visited you earlier! Halving my appointment frequency will save me something like £360 pounds a year easily recovering the cost of the session with yourself.


You may be interested to hear that I completed Ironman Austria 2 weeks ago. My bike time was 6hrs 11mins for the 112mile route. (Which included some nasty little hills). I was quite pleased with the time, I had planned around 6 1/2hrs. I think we can conclude the position works really well, no comfort issues at all.

All I need to do now is fix my running!



Mike, thanks. The bike feels good.
Bryan S


An afternoon well spent! We made many changes to saddle height and fore/aft position - showing that me following basic guidelines had not resulted in me fitting the bike! Much more comfortable now, backpain virtually eliminated and safe in the knowledge that I am not now compromised in terms of fit geometry. Highly recommended service - thanks!


Hi Mike, Thanks for the report and the session today. It has definitely made a difference. I did a 10 mile stint with some hills and felt very fresh afterwards, so far so good. Will keep you updated on progress.
Richard T


Well I got out on the bike for a reasonable ride yesterday. I don't think I was dramatically quicker than before (maybe just a bit) but what was really noticeable was how relatively easy it felt. Much easier and more comfortable to stay on the tri bars and generally less hard work to maintain pace. No back ache and no significant ache/pain/pins and needles in the feet. Actually more enjoyable as well! Should certainly help the triathlons as I got off the bike feeling a lot fresher and more ready
Duncan H


I know we only made a minor change to the saddle but boy it seems to have made a good impact. I havent seen any change in power but the comfort around the saddle region has improved and so I can now ride longer without any major issues and no longer dread things like the turbo. So good work.
Also I seem to be able to get further forward on the bars and thats without changing the stem.
Danny k


wasn't sure what to expect, but came away with some excellent advice and new riding position and set up for my bike for which I am already feeling the benefits. Very patient and methodical. You know this guy knows his subject completely and all delivered in a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Worth teh journey from London.
Thanks again Mike
Tony B


great afternoon spent with an expert. Lots of relevant advice and coaching put over in a friendly manner. If you want too improve your cycling performance and enjoyment them Mike's your man
John Howkins


Mike offers a professional service and value for money. His knowledge of the science of cycling with regards to bike fit is very impressive. The ability to apply that wisdom to your individual needs ensures you cant fail to benifit, whether it's to address a physical problem or gain a performance advantage


Mike - many thanks for the fitting session last saturday. I trialled the new position on a reguar 40 mile route I use. The issues with the saddle are gone. The niggle in the knee didn't occur and I got back feeling much fresher. I also posted a PB for the route. I'm really positive about the new position - and thouroughly enjoyed the process, and learnt loads. it went alongway in de-mystifying how to set a bike up. Highy professional and informative. Thans again.