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Customer Feedback

I’ve been out on the bike a couple of times and all’s good, even managed to pop a big hill in to my 35 mile ride last Saturday and no knee pain - so result! Thank you.

Fiona P


Thanks a lot for the help today it was very informative, interesting, and I feel significantly more comfortable on the bike - it also looks a lot better with the more aggressive position!

Paul J


This is brilliant. Thank you so much for today. I'm looking forward to getting back out on the bike tomorrow afternoon. I'll be certain to recommend your services with anyone else in need of a fitting.

Mark H


Thanks for this and for all of the advice. I really enjoyed the process of the fit - very worthwhile. I went out for a fairly long ride yesterday and it felt great. It felt like I naturally wanted to go down into the drops so the changes seem to have made a good improvement.

Danny R


There aren't really any words to describe how grateful I am for your excellent expertise , it's given me back one of the most important things in my life. As a cyclist yourself I know you understand this. Thank you so so much. You're a cycling Jedi master!!!!

Sarah E


I went out for a 30k loop yesterday to Ryton Pools and back. I am happy to report all was well with the new saddle position, it was literally night and day the difference it made. Saddle was comfortable, legs worked well and I did not end up overloading my quads. There was less pressure on my hands, so overall I am very satisfied.

Peter J


Wanted to thank you again for the bike fit. I continue to feel far more comfortable on the bike and have seen a 10% increase of my FTP, absolutely thrilled with the results.

Craig W


Thanks for helping me with the bike setup and tips the other day. I was and still am very pleased with the results. Blasting my way up hills out the saddle there is no difference but that is to be expected. Sitting down peddling the bike is simply more comfortable especially on long rides and I get there quicker and less tired. I only have a certain amount of Watts at my disposal but they seem to last longer and go further. I am even getting into pedalling circles to smooth out the power and not burning out in quite the way I was before. The new cleat position means that now I don't even notice my shoes or feet for that matter, they just get on with it and work. Thanks again for all the help regards

Ian R


Thank you for sending the summary report and thanks for session, I learnt a lot from the session and I'm really pleased with the assessment and all the mods made. I went out on the bike over the weekend and felt the difference straight away, both in terms of comfort feeling the sweetspot, and speed especially when dropping into the hoods. I'm going to see how I get on with the crank length, but I think I will be changing to 170 so at least I have the same set-up across my two bikes.

Mark D


Just wanted to let you know what an amazing difference the bike for with you made to my riding. The day after the fit I did 100km and I conquered all the hills and my average pace was 1mph quicker. No numbness in the feet and no aches and pains.
The best news is I completed my 100 miles challenge (in between climbing Scafel Pike and running a half marathon) 9 hours riding time and some horrid hills but I felt pretty good all the way through.
So a big thanks from me!

Hannah A


Really great news. I have ridden 3 commutes to and from work and a long mtb ride and in all cases I have not had to stop! Pain does start up but its no way as bad as it was before and I can stretch on the move to keep it manageable and sometimes it fades away all together. Feet are still going a bit numb - not sure whether its because the shoes are a bit tighter now those insoles are there but its not too bad - I will monitor it.
I am so grateful for your time and almost can’t believe the results from such small changes.

Joanne S


Thank you for the bike fit report.
I really enjoyed the morning and appreciated your diligent, methodical and logical approach to the task enormously.

John B


Thanks for squeezing me in today. I couldn't resist going for a little spin tonight; bike feels really good, 90% happy with saddle but think the remaining 10% is just my rear end adjusting to a new saddle. Had no problem on hoods or drops and managed a PB over 20 miles with a 20.1 avg so i'd say you've got me in the perfect position! Still amazes me the difference a few MM makes.

Tim H


Hi Mike. Thanks for today, it was most informative. I did 25 miles this afternoon and the changes have certainly made me more comfortable on the bike. Pedalling certainly felt more natural and efficient, and I suffered no aches or pains.

Phil G


This is a fantastic full summary report! Thanks again Mike,

Michelle K


Really enjoyed yesterday, I learned a lot.
Did the club ride this morning, 50 miles. My back was much better, a little stiffness after about 30 mins but then nothing else for the rest of the ride. My foot was a lot better also. Still feeling it between the shoulders but I have to concentrate on relaxing (not easy).

Andy G


Thanks Mike, this is really helpful!
I’ve been out on the bike and have noticed a big difference.

Rob H


Thank you again for your time on the weekend - it’s been invaluable and I went out yesterday to test the fit and did 8 miles without any of the normal pain. Now I just need to find / make the time to put some serious miles in.

Ben M


Thanks for a brilliant day and the excellent bike set up. I've done 6 commute rides of 16 miles and a club ride of about 35 where I achieved a pb for average speed. I have had some discomfort with the nose of the saddle and it was set up flat from the highest point at the rear to the nose. So now I've adjusted the saddle tilt and made sure my saddle height is 796mm again as you set it. Bike feels great and the cleat position you set has made a huge difference. All measurements transferred to my winter bike and feeling great. Thanks again for your time and I won't hesitate to recommend you.

Dan M


Hi Mike, Thanks for your time today and for sending all of the information across.
I found the whole experience very interesting and was pleased with the way it felt out on the road this afternoon. Picking up a KOM on a 12 mile segment shows it's a step in the right direction :-) .

Max B


Just a quick note to say thanks for the bike fit on the Cannondale. I did the Dragon on the 11th June, 267km the furthest I've ever been in a single ride. Knees were sore at the end but I figure that's to be expected and I was as comfortable as I've ever been on a bike. The 23mph headwinds and rain slowed our progress but the bike was great. 170mm cranks were definitely the way to go.
Thanks again and thanks for helping my friend Craig who I recommended come and see you. He is loving his new sport and a proper bike fit rather than my(I think you look about right) has given him the confidence to develop his technique.

Chris E


Very pleased with the alterations you made on Thursday. Completed the century ride yesterday. Can't say with complete comfort but the ride position felt a lot better and I like the saddle. I noticed a marked improvement when climbing in the saddle and didn't feel the need to stand up. I will have a few days off the bike now but am looking forward to getting out again on the "new" bike.

Phil A


Apologies it has taken so long to get in touch after my bike fit on 27th May. It has been an interesting few weeks! The first 10TT after the bike fit (30th) produced a time 2 seconds off my PB in windy conditions at a lot less power output. The new stem came as suggested and was duly fitted. TTs last week were cancelled due to the extreme weather conditions, so I had to wait a little longer.
Last night (13th with new stem) smashed my PB by over 30 seconds....WOW. Power was up 5W. Conditions were warm but overcast. Only 3 other PBs in a field of 36.
What will next week bring?

Simon H


Many thanks for today. Picked up some great tips and most of all, felt reassured after just 1 Year cycling, I'm on track.
Thanks again. I'm sure to recommend you to others. Sure I'll see you again soon.

Craig B


Thanks for today, was very helpful. Just been out for a quick 20 mile ride and the improvements are noticeable - more comfort and speed as a result of getting my legs working at a higher cadence.
I checked my old bike and that has 170 cranks so again would reinforce your thoughts on swapping the 172.5's for the 170's. I've ordered them to come for Thursday so hopefully will again add to the comfort and performance for the sportive on Friday.

Simon A


Just thought I would give you a quick update as I've got a good few miles in since you saw me. I adjusted to the new saddle position very quickly but the cleats took a bit longer. Results have been a huge reduction in hand numbness and I've been putting up PB's on all my regular rides. I even made it up a hill this week that has defeated me on several occasions!!! So my only regret is that I didn't come and see you earlier.

Dom C


Thanks Mike and went out tonight and knocked 4 mins off best time on small loop - 16 miles!!! Incredible and feels great !! Thanks Mike!!

Neil C


Apologies for not replying sooner, things have been pretty crazy since the bike fit! Have managed to squeeze some 75+mile rides in since the fit and the bike feels a lot better. Comfort on the drops has improved a lot with no foot pain anymore. Although we didn't make any large adjustments it feels night and day better!
Thanks again and will be in touch when I get a new bike.

Ross G


Many thanks for yesterday - it was fascinating.
I thought it would be useful to provide some feedback after my 64 km ride today. The short summary - an amazing transformation in power. Through push down on the front of the pedal, I had so much more power especially going up hill it was extraordinary. As a result I was much less tired at the end of the ride. The bike was really well balanced and I found my hands further forward than previously. In terms of my back it was sore but not really bad and most importantly didn't crescendo in pain. I need to see what happens next weekend when I have my first really long ride - 86 miles.
Overall I was delighted. Many thanks for your help.

Nick O


Many thanks for this, and for a thoroughly enjoyable and educational afternoon yesterday.
Went out on a club run this morning and couldn't believe the difference, all niggles and aches have disappeared and felt like I was absolutely flying!

David W


I did 30 miles today first time out since my bike fit. worked a treat, moving cleats back, saddle forward and down made all the difference. It was easier and therefore I was quicker. I was surprised that I can now have the saddle level instead of pointing down. Well worth the visit and very interesting to see the pedalling trace and the limb angles. Now I have the contact distances I should be able to transfer them to my next bike.

Ken M