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2012 Customer Feedback

Alistair G


Thanks for the fitting on Saturday. I did 27 miles on Sunday. I noticed I didn't shift on the saddle as I had before. So I consistently stayed in the same place on the saddle Dropping the saddle has left clearance now if I get out of it on a climb, I don't risk snagging my shorts on the saddle point. No sense of cramping on the right foot at the end of the ride. My right hamstring was noticeable after the ride in but a different way and has cleared up today rather than be noticeable for another 2 or 3 days, some may have been a carryover from Saturday?
I rode at a higher cadence and lower gearing to try and work in the 80 to 90 range and averaged 77 rpm across the ride this seemed to increase my average heart rate by 15bpm higher across the ride and left me feeling more tired with new muscles aching in the legs! Going to take a bit of adjusting and conditioning to this! Looking forward to working on this and see how things settle down. Overall certainly felt more at one with the bike
Ian S


Many thanks Mike, this morning was truly enjoyable. I am excited about this weekends ride - cant wait to put into practise all the parts we discussed. I feel so much more knowledgeable about my bike set up and feel more confident in the future to make any small adjustments as needed as i have a better understanding of the overall impact.
Andrew L


Many Thanks for this! I wasn't expecting such a detailed assessment & Report. Very pleased I came to see you and you will be highly recommended to fellow riding groups. I know that this is a good starting point and I'll see how I get on by way of some riding into the Winter. Certain shifts felt instantly more comfortable. Thanks again for such an informative afternoon & your attention to detail! Very much appreciated!
Ian E


The changes have all now bedded in and I have noticed a marked improvement in climbing ability particularly on the shallower climbs when I can stay in the saddle.Comfort is generally better although I still get some soreness in my lower back. I am working on my hamstring flexibility to enable me to keep a straighter back and this seems to be improving things.
Tracie Y


First ride on re-jigged bike today (old model). No pain (hoorah!) and felt much easier.
Mark E


This was best thing I ever did on a bike mate and I feel like I have real direction now.
Andrew C


I have ridden about 130 miles since the session including a 65 mile sportive yesterday and I have to report that on yesterday's ride I did not have any pain in my hand, knees or feet at all which is really great news. I know you were not sure about my stem length but I decided to change to a 100cm from the 11cm just to make the position a little easier on the drops to encourage me to use them more.
Ross B


We just wanted to say a big thank you for a very interesting, informative and productive morning with you last Friday and for the summary reports we received on our return home. I was out on the bike on Saturday for a 32 mile ride with a few good climbs in it and I certainly felt a lot quicker, stronger and more comfortable. I guess a very small percentage of this is psychological due to the ‘feel good’ factor you provided us with on Friday but the majority must be due to the changes you made after the evaluation and fitting.
Chris L


Just got in from a ride. So how was it? When I first got on I noticed that my heels where higher. In fact I had to look at my shoes as I thought they where pionting to the ground. Of course they weren't. It is almost like riding a fixed wheel the way it kicks you over the top, much more efficient. I am riding 2 miles an hour faster on the flat & climbing 2 miles an hour faster as well. I am not descending any faster but then after the climb I freewheel down so that is not surprising!!!! Ride is much more comfortable & I didn't have to use the small chainring until the last climb, which is short & sharp & comes after a right hand turn across the traffic so you have no momentum. It was a 36.5 mile ride, although it should have been 30 miles. Unfortunately you haven't fixed my sense of direction (must get a Garmin). No pain in knees or any where else. I can feel my hamstrings but I just know they are there. Very pleased with the outcome & would recommend it to anybody.
Nathan F


I did 16 miles tonight on the bike and the wedges / insoles are a definite improvement. I did still get some pins and needles on my left leg but it was all 5 toes and no where near as intense as before .... it also took a lot longer to set in. My knee began to feel a tad sore at around 6 miles which was a worry but it never got any worse after that at all - if anything it reduced in pain which was another positive sign. I worked on upping my cadence on this ride and spent the majority of the time around 90-95RPM ... it certainly got the lungs working! The position on the bike is better - i'm sitting my hands in the dips on the gear levers now and seem to feel natural there.
Simon B


Thanks very much for the bike fitting on Saturday, and for the excellent feedback / recommendations. Just to let you know how I got on with the bike after the fitting - well, it was a big improvement! After the Shakespeare 100 on Sunday I had no tingling / soreness in the palms of my hands or the balls of my feet, so adjusting the cleats and moving the saddle back was just what was needed. The saddle height adjustment also worked well, I was definitely able to ride more quickly than before, and combined with your recommendation to ride in a slightly lower gear and "fill in" the torque gaps at the top and bottom of the pedal stroke, I did the 100km on Sunday in 3h31m which I was really pleased with. The only one problem I did have (which is not a new problem, it's something I've had before but we didn't talk about as I forgot about it) is that the top of my back (between shoulder blades) and my shoulders were really aching by about 50 miles. The ache went away quite quickly after I finished the ride though. Have you got any thoughts on potential reasons for this and how I may be able to overcome it? Had no lower back pain at all though which is also an improvement on previous long rides.
Peter B


After a couple of weeks of riding I can say that the changes have been for the better. All the extra power and more to the point the extra ease with which it was available have been a godsend on the road. The riding position felt real strange the first few times out but the added benefits when coming to any increase in gradient were soon felt, higher gears more speed and an easier time all round.
The numb toes have persisted although not as early in the ride and the addition of insoles has helped even more as you suggested it would. I think it has something to do with the way I peddle, more constant pressure on the left foot than the right, anyway I'll persevere with trying to correct that as I go on. You were right when you said it wouldn't give me an extra couple of mph as an average but I so very nearly had a 20mph average on a 20 miler the other day! I thoroughly enjoyed the day, very interesting and very well explained from start to finish. Thanks for the help.
Kenny T


Mike, thank you very much for the report and your time last week. I completed 100 miles yesterday on the ‘Glasgow 100’ and felt better. My position on the bike is much more stable and comfortable.
Hilary B


We both found all your advice very helpful and after our cycle today I had no back pain and Neil rediscovered his right leg!
Blake L


Thanks ever so much for the fit and the conclusion, Had a ride out yesterday morning quite early. Was only planning on a short one and felt great! Back pain arose later than usual, (after about an hour and Ÿ’s) so got off the bike, did the stretch and got back on and all was fine! I felt like I had just started! So an excellent hypothesis from yourself there!
Graham B


Just to give some feedback wrt Thame triathlon this weekend, first one after the bike assessment.
Bike route - 20km.
2011 - 47 mins
2012 - 39 mins.
A personal best for me at this distance. Spent the majority of the time on the drop handlebars and focusing on getting no dead spots / maximising downward pedal force. Looks like the session with you has already started to pay off!
Roy P


Just a quick update from us that per your recommendation I have fitted the 170mm cranks to my bike, and can immediately feel a positive difference. I can ride “on the drops” without as much perineal pressure or discomfort, I am more comfortable “on the hoods” than before our visit to you, and have tested this on two sportive rides each of about 70 miles these past two Sundays. I haven’t yet raised my saddle the extra few mm that you suggest, but will do that in the near future and see what difference that makes.
Steve V


Since my bike fit on the 23rd June I've been out for a couple of 50 mile rides and the new position is great, no more shifting around in the saddle but I still get a little numbness.
Scott W


We would like to thank you for your time yesterday. It was very interesting.
We went out on the bikes this morning and did 42 miles around Rugby. Scott had no lower back, neck or knee pain whereas, in the past, he would have hurt after 30 minutes.
Ben H


FYI I took 16s off the club 10 course record last night and did my own course pb by over a 1min!
Sean M


I wanted you to know that I am doing really well on the set-up that you created for me and the saddle is working out really well.
I am now scheduled to undertake the London to Paris bike ride in September for (cystic fibrosis) and I am confident of completing this on my Bianchi. My training is going well Mike and the bike, well its really wonderful. I wanted to thank you for your help, getting me set-up right as it has made all the difference and I wouldn't have even contemplated this kind ride before our set-up session.
Ralph C


I was really impressed with knowledge and the way in which technology was used to accurately measure the biomechanical angles even when moving.
Rich E


This is great, thank you for all your help and expertise. I really enjoyed the session.
Adrian B


Thanks for your time on Wednesday, it was an extremely worthwhile experience and thank you for your comprehensive report.
I did 30 minutes steady Level 1 (70-75% max heart rate) yesterday on the turbo just to get used to the new position and found I was having to use the 16 sprocket instead of the 17 at 95-100 rpm to achieve my heart rate. The position felt more comfortable and balanced than previous without the fidgeting about on the saddle that I was doing before.
Tim M


I did two six hour rides at the weekend and I'm very pleased to say my back was only a minor issue; it gave a slight twinge after 4 hours but never got to the point of being more than an occasional pain and only on the left side. A quick stretch off the bike sorted it out very quickly.
Matthew S


Just a quick update on how I've been getting on after my shoe and cleat fitting.
I raised the saddle on my winter bike as well following the fitting and did 66 miles on the Sunday. Then did two of rides just over an hour in the week and one on Saturday and 55 miles yesterday and it seems a lot better. The position took some getting used to and my legs were quite sore after that first long ride, I guess from using the muscles slightly differently, but its been getting more comfortable and felt really good yesterday. My knee seems to be better as well and I haven't noticed any pain when pushing a big gear in the saddle so hopefully it will continue to be OK.
It was interesting to see how I look on the bike and I could see from the first images that my saddle was much too low - I didn't realise how low it was. And it was good to have someone look at my position who knows what they're on about rather than just fiddling myself.
Andrew J


Just been out on bike. It is great especially on the drops.
Jon B


Thanks for the detailed report and this great to have as a reference for future bikes and setups. I was really impressed with your approach and knowledge of optimum positions for various types of riding. Although I have developed an intuitive approach to my riding positions I would not have ever been able to observe some of the issues around my cleats, foot position and leg movements. The saddle height adjustment was very well observed what with me overstretching at the beginning of my rides. Also on the Time Trial Bike, I now feel really comfortable and I could feel the difference in a very positive way with the adjustments you made with the saddle and front end.
Sam W


I thought IÂ’d send you an email to say how pleased I was with the fitting session this morning. I found it all very informative, interesting and your service was 100% professional and friendly throughout, I would have no problems recommending you all my friends (which IÂ’m in the process of doing). After a shortish 50k jaunt through the Derbyshire dales, I canÂ’t believe what a difference the fit has made. IÂ’m now finding it easier to cruise at higher speeds and climbing in the saddle is a lot easier. The aches and pains I mentioned in the session didnÂ’t surface on my ride either. When spending any decent amount of money on a bike, I think the comparatively small extra outlay for a proper fit by yourself is worth every penny. Truly 11/10 for service and value.
Martin M


They say that proof is in the pudding....
I do a short course fairly regularly as I can do it in my lunch hour and still have a shower etc. The course is 13 miles long and my best time so far (out of about 10 this year) was at an Ave of 16.6mph. Today when I got home (despite the long drive to you and back) I did the same course at an Ave of 17.6mph. I wasn't trying any harder I just went faster. I guess the combination of getting me in the best biomechanical position as well as more aero worked well together. A massive difference!
Adrian R


Just went out on the bike for 50mile this morn, and legs felt really good. Good to feel the difference opening up the top leg angle. Attacked a few hills and still felt good. Drops were fine as well. Nice and low, and still usable.
Alex V


I found the bike fitting very interesting,whilst I thought I had my riding position right beforehand,the video capture highlighted a number of adjustments that had to be carried out. These made a big difference,an extra 20 watts of output was recorded without feeling any extra effort,also the video capture shows any problems with pedalling technique,problems that would be difficult to analyse simply by riding the bike. I'd recommend this to all riders,from a few miles a week to mile eaters.
Neil H


Thanks very much for the report, really useful record of what we did. Rode the genesis on both Saturday and Sunday and position felt very good. Did some good stretching after both rides and the sore hip already feels a little better, so I'm hopeful that with a better position and more stretching post ride, I'll be able to get that to mend now.
Anita S


Thank you so much for your help today. I actually really want to get back on my bike I feel that confident that itÂ’s going to be so much more comfortable.
Rich T


Thanks for your time on Saturday and the detailed report. Went out on Sunday and it definitely felt like I had more power and didn't move about fore to aft as I had been. Bar height feels great now, and the drops are good still into the headwind.