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2013 Customer Feedback

Dave W


Well, who would have ever dreamt that that as I approached my 60th birthday and after over 40 years of racing that I'd still be doing those life time best rides?? In May it was my 10 mile life time best that fell, this time it was my 25 mile time. I didn't get a ride in 10 miler event on the F11 course and needed a ride to fill my diary so entered a 25 miler over on the E2 course. The weather was like Armageddon, never, in my 40+ years of TTing, have I ridden in such biblical conditions!! My time might have been slow, but, looking at the riders times around me, I'd actually done quite a strong ride. So, I entered another 25 miler on the same E2 course two weeks later and kept the 25 mile specific training going. Amazingly, I lopped nearly a minute and a half off my life time best that was set in 2005 to record my first ever sub-57 minute ride. It was also two and a half minutes better than my pre-2005 time which was set in 1976!! Once again, thanks Mike - if it weren't for your insight I wouldn't be saying "The older I get, the faster I get". It's daft and almost insane, but it's true, I'm just getting faster.
Andrew S


Many thanks for the file following the bike fit - your service is far and beyond the kind of bike fitting I have seen before. I've already done a few rides and all appears to be very good (I'm waiting for 170mm cranks). I will without doubt be recommending your service to my cycling friends in future.
Anthony S


It's been almost 3 months since my bike fitting, so I thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on. Firstly, I'd like to thank you for the detailed assessment you did. As I mentioned I had already had 3 bike fits before you, and yours was the most professional and methodical.
The new set up is working well, the lower front end is comfortable and the shorter cranks mean I can get into the drops without feeling squashed. Up until 1 month ago I was still having the foot pain. My consultant suggested switching to non carbon soled shoes.I did this and I think that this change combined with the smoother pedal stroke has reaped benefits.
Over the past 10 days, I've completed 3 rides over 2 hours each with no pain!!
Anthony S


Hi Mike, I just thought I'd let you know how I'm getting on after my bike fit on September 21st. I've not emailed you earlier because I wanted to wait until I'd spent a good few hours on the bike and took time to get used to the new setup. I'm happy to say that I've broken my regular route 40k PB on three occasions. My first post fit attempt knocked 3 mins off my previous best! My hill climbing has also improved markedly according to Strava. I've tried my orthotic insoles in my cycling shoes but they made my feet feel numb, so I've persisted with my original insoles.
Rbert W


Just a quick bit of feedback, seen you on the Friday 25th October 2013 for a bike fit session, came with not to many problems but a dull ache in the outer edge of my right foot. Just returned from a quick 40 mile ride today and guess what? no dull ache in my outer "YOU NAILED IT MIKE" you made other changes too, saddle height and handle bar height all of which assisted in me having a much more comfortable ride.
Thanks mike for making my cycling experience more comfortable and enjoyable
Roger P


Many Thanks for the prompt report, makes for v interesting reading. The session was good fun, very valuable and quite a revelation!
Interestingly, we took a slightly longer route back and another ride in the afternoon, Initially felt a little unusual but soon got used to the new position. I noticed that I climbed out of the saddle at least 50% less – previously any reasonable incline I’d be out of the saddle – and found riding more powerful & comfortable, and absolutely no discomfort in the RH foot or lumber region. Excellent stuff.
Mark C


just got got back from a 20 mile ride, body hands and legs felt good, hint of tingle in the toes but significantly better. I was pushing on faster than I usually do. I think when I can track down the specialized insoles it will help. Felt loads better so thank you very much.
Steve H


Thanks Mike! I really enjoyed my visit yesterday, and IÂ’m looking forward to getting out on the road and trying out the adjustmentsÂ….IÂ’ll let you know how things develop with the physio too.
Your report is great, nicely captures all the bits and pieces I was desperately trying to remember from yesterday!
Mark C


Thank you very much, I really enjoyed this morning. I was thrilled that my Heath Robinson techniques and gut feel had got me close to perfect but the breakthrough with the Orthotics and valgus shim was worth every penny. The print out is very thorough and I will tell my friends how great the session is.
Ritchie W


I'm happy to say that since the fitting I've noticed an instant improvement in my cycling. Not once have i experienced any of the severe pain in my knees that I felt before. I felt the session was massively beneficial to me and have already recommended you to a few of my friends.
Nigel D


Just to let you know that at the Triathlon World Champs on Sunday me and the Trek came 8th (also first Brit and second European) in my 70 -74 age group. A great event with a fantastic bike on traffic free, traffic light-free and pedestrian-free roads. From Hyde Park to the Embankment - the Tower - then back to Trafalgar Square - the Mall - Buck House - Hyde Park; it was so good we then did it all again! Averaged 20 mph for 25 miles including some hairpins.
The bike was perfect
Nigel C


Enjoyed the fit last Friday and thanks for the attachment. Been out for a couple of rides since and I definitely feel more balanced and comfortable also made several PB's without really trying so bodes well.
Stuart W


Many thanks for the info and guidance yesterday. Bike is now a different animal. Fantastic!
Bruce D


Mike, just a quick note - just got back from a great weekend doing the Way of the Roses Coast to Coast route over two days. Not a hint of the lower back pain I used to get - thanks!
Mike J


Just a quick note on how I got on.
The two 50k rides following the fit were back up to average speeds of 29.5 kph, a level I haven't achieved since last May and without having to kill myself. Most of my usual tendon/muscle problems were absent, although an old knee problem resurfaced. Fitted 165 cranks yesterday and did a 110k club ride at an average speed of 29.5kph and lots of 35-40kph (quick for me) chain gang riding. Felt better than I have for a long time with no knee problem and rode as hard and fast as I've ever done.
Don't know how much is psychosymatic and how much is the improved set up, but I think on balance, much of it is probably down to your excellent work.
Dennis W


Enjoying myself immensely training in this wonderful part of the world,lots of climbing!!! On the road at 6.30 am with a 25 mile route. The bike is wonderful after your magnificent work in fitting me up! I'm benefitting hugely as a result, much more relaxed and efficient, trying hard to improve in the areas that you identified. I'm enormously grateful to you and wish well in all your endeavours.
Phil B


TT going well, I knocked 3 mins off my PB for 25 miles the other night down to 1 hr 6 mins not too bad for an old git.
Andrew T


Like most people I couldn't resist a trial ride in the new position, so I took the Willier out for just over 15 miles last night. I had no increase in knee discomfort (it is still nigglely from midweek / weekend activities) and immediately felt stronger and quicker. I managed to keep my elbows bent much of the time (concentration) and also am working hard on a smoother pedalling action. I did use the drops more, however was getting a little twinge in the lower back, however I'll bear with this and work on more core strength / practice on the drops. The upshot is for a circuit that I'd normally average 15.5 - 16.5 mph, I averaged just over 18 mph and was breathing limited for much of the ride (rather than constrained elsewhere). So more cardio work and practice on smoother pedalling.
Matt P


Just to let you know I have now fitted 165 chain sets on both bikes, what a difference! I can now pedal the way that feels right and that everything is balanced. The biggest difference is on the mountain bike. After a 20 mile ride I was not suffering the way I had been with my back and some of the climbs I found a chore are completed without an issue. I can't thank you enough.
Peter W


Very many thanks. It was certainly worth the trek up from Sussex.
Justim M


Fantastic, Mike – thank you ever so much for this through and helpful report. I very much enjoyed the session with you (but my apologies for not bringing my own towel to deal with the heat!), and your diagnosis puts together things that I suspected but hadn’t added up, so I am very hopeful of significant progress (when it gets a bit cooler!).
Bruce D


Mike, thanks for your time last week. Sunday's ride went well - best time over that distance and I felt able to maintain aero position for the whole distance bar a little on the climbs and when the crosswinds made the bike a bit too twitchy! I've had a bit of an ache in my lower back since, albeit that is receding now - left hand side top of pelvis at the rear where spine attaches to pelvis. Any suggestions for strengthening work gratefully received.
John F


Many thanks for the analysis and report, I can confirm that there were no problems with the new settings on the bike and the ride was very comfortable; I can also confirm that I've had no knee pain following the sportive - a great result and money well spent!!
Peter W


I've been meaning to email you for a few weeks now. Bought a shorter crank and shorter stem and completed the coast to coast in pouring rain with little if any back / neck pain. Really pleased. Pedalling much easier now and a fair amount quicker as well.
Chris S


A thoughtful and thorough assessment and enjoyable experience, won't hesitate to recommend.
Btw did a sprint tri yesterday, felt comfortable on the tri bike and posted a good time, but interestingly felt really good on the run whereas normally I would get off the bike in a bit of a state and try to get my legs working again, which would take some time. Overall very pleased, thanks again.
Dave W


Further to my feedback of February, just thought I’d let you know that I’ve been demolishing that Life Time Best at 10 miles again. Took another 13 seconds of it on this occasion to record my first ever sub-22 minute ride for the 10 mile TT. Once again, Mike, my thanks. I’m quite sure that I wouldn’t be doing these crazy rides without your help and insight – and that new position!
Robert S


Thanks for the report. Mine is that I went out yesterday and boy was life better in terms of comfort, speed and effort. 3 or 4 minutes of right leg not perfect then that became OK and I flew along. Not mountain biked yet, but will pollen permitting soon.
Richard B


Thanks for the summary. I went out on Sunday and did 80 flatish miles. The riding position felt better, more comfortable and I didn't suffer from any lower back pain. I did try riding on the drops for a bit but only to see if it would aid me aerodynamically, I felt more comfortable in this position than I have been doing but as you say I didn't feel more power. I will look into getting some compact bars.
Rich W


Riding going really well since my fit. Best £200 I've spent on bikes for a long time.
Clare W


Thanks for the attached, really interesting - just wanted to also say that I went out and did 102 miles at the weekend, which was the longest ever, and I was so much more comfortable and definitely climbed better from you moving my cleats. I also took the TT bike out the other night for a good two hours and was aero for much of it so a huge difference there too. I am a very happy customer!
Jez P


Just a quick note to say thank you for setting up my bike and shoes, I thoroughly enjoyed the input and experience of the whole Dynamic Fit process. As a complete novice, I found the session very interesting and informative, I have so much to learn! It has given me the boost and confidence I needed, knowing my bike is now set up correctly for me with the equipment I currently have.
Mike S


Well spent morning. Went on to win the Action Medical sportive yesterday. Felt tired but good at the end of the ride.Thanks a lot
James J


Just a quick note to say thanks - I did a century yesterday with no knee pain at all, and the bike's feeling fantastic.
Chris B


That's great thanks. I went out tonight for an hour. It's made a massive difference. I put in the usual effort and got round a few k's quicker. Will be in touch when I get my next bike.
Duncan M


Now I've been out and got some decent miles on the bike I thought I'd send you my feedback. Quite simply the whole set-up feels much better. I've had no pain at all in my right knee since the fitting; it has gone the moment the cleats were adjusted properly. I'm now riding on the hoods comfortably and regularly getting on to the drops as and when it's called for. It made an immediate difference to my average mph.
Robert J


I've been on 6 good rides since the bike fitting totaling around 300 miles and I can definitely tell the difference.The knee pain hasn't totally gone but it has improved massively. I rarely notice it during a ride and afterwards I don't get as much pain and stiffness as I was experiencing.
Chris S


I really enjoyed yesterday and got a lot out of it.More importantly, I think it made a big difference on the club run this morning. ItÂ’s just one run but there were a number of really positive changes. To name but a few:-
Much less (but not quite zero) slipping forward in the saddle
Feet and cleats felt much better. Definitely felt smoother and easier on the flat.
Kept up far better on the hills using the ‘heel down, kick over the top’ tip (and felt like I had the ‘extra gear’ I was hoping for by bringing it in on the flat when I wanted to pick up my speed)
On the hills, was running out of aerobic capacity, before I had to slow for lactic acid burn in my quads.
Average heart rate 105 vs around 120 normally (for similar overall average speed and total climbing/descending)
Finished the ride feeling much stronger and fresher – and very noticeably less sore in the bum, shoulders and quads
All in all, an incredibly encouraging start.
David W


So, I started back racing at the age of 50 after 15 years of being a couch potato and set myself a totally daft target of going faster than when I was 22 years old. Like I said totally daft! Slowly but surely, year-on-year, the times came down and then they stagnated just 20 seconds short of my life time best for the 10 mile TT. Didn't matter what training I did or how hard I tried the times just wouldn't reduce anymore. I'd given up hope!! So, in desperation I went to see Mike on the recommendation of Chris H – see 2010 for his feedback. Mike changed my position so drastically that it was almost madness - but if you don't try something new how do you know it's not for you??? Took a few rides to get used to it. I even changed my road bike to near the same position, must say that Mike DID NOT recommend this action. Guess what - it was right for me. Did some cracking rides on horrid days and set some course PBs. Then, low and behold, that life time best that I set in 1976 was taken. 1976 is not a mis-type, it really was 36 year old PB. Thanks Mike, wouldn't / couldn't have done it without your insight and vision.
Phil H


Thanks very much for a hugely informative session yesterday. I set up the saddle position on the tandem for Linda and after 60 miles today she was still comfortable and felt she was putting out more power for the same effort.
Michael L


Hi Mike. Thanks for all the help with the Bike. It now feels a good deal better and am particularly impressed with the level of comfort I am now getting all round.
John P


Thanks for the report. Had my first ride out on the roads yesterday after a week stuck on the turbo. Everything feels 'just right' now - got some 170 cranks and put the saddle up a touch and all feels good. Did some tests on the turbo and my heart rate for a given power is now the same if not better on the drops than the hoods, and feels like I am pedalling much smoother circles now. Ride yesterday just generally felt a bit easier.
Brain S


Many many thanks for the consultation yesterday, to say I enjoyed it would be an understatement. Incredibly interesting and informative. Anyway, the proof of the pudding:
I have just returned from the same ride I did last Saturday – some interesting stats:
I did the route quicker by a full 10 minutes – I kept to the same gearing as I would normally (to try to get a true comparison), the only change was to sit up on climbs and try to push over the top of the stroke, as discussed. Power was definitely there, more so I think than would have been on the Aeron. Although at all times I did feel I was pushing too hard a gear and I think now I need to learn to use smaller gears. Even though I tried to keep to the same gears my cadence was up from 67 to 72, but average heart rate was also up 153 to 161. I feel this would have been lower had I used the gears more. After 12km I felt the familiar feelings in my lower back but this never materialized into pain and was never, all through the ride, more than a niggling ache. At the end of the ride there was no pain, no exhaustion and I felt that I enjoyed the ride – even though it was very cold and I was constantly aware of ice.
Matt C


I think one of the best things I did last year was to come over and see you, I have had no problems with my knees or shoulders since, plus my bike has never felt better. The 165mm cranks are great; I feel they have really helped with both my climbing and just general flat out riding cadence. I didnÂ’t expect it to help with climbing so much.
Andrew C


Thanks Mike,I was really pleased with my session and this output.100% happy.
David W


Many thanks for a very thorough and professional assessment. Even cycling back home from Leamington felt better, and I'm really looking forward to a longer ride to check things out. Thanks for the report also, it's much more detailed than I was expecting.
Tim S


Thanks for the report Mike and thanks for a very interesting session. The position we finished with felt very comfortable and I'm looking forward to putting it to the test, as well as using the info and tips to improve my pedalling technique and climbing. I'll let you know how I get on!