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Aerodynamic Testing

Aerolab Testing.

Handily situated in the Midlands, surrounded by quiet rural roads ideal for testing, BikeDynamics offers morning, afternoon or all-day sessions. Sessions can be tailored to optimise your position on the bike, seek out your most effective kit to achieve the lowest CdA or, a combination of both.
The testing session utilises a state of the art Aerolab sensor, one of only a few in the UK, that many of the leading professional world tour teams are using to optimise their riders position and equipment. Also available for use in the session is a Garmin Edge 1030 to relay the sensor instructions to the rider during testing.
A fundamental requirement of testing is to record an accurate energy balance system. This requires an accurate power meter that records total power or both left and right power. Left only power meters may not give accurate results due to a rider's output favouring one leg over the other. A Favero Assioma Duo system is available to hire for the duration of the session.

Aerolab Test Support.

The session is supported by a Cycle System Academy Diploma qualified, fully insured, bike mechanic with a well-equipped workshop van to undertake any equipment adjustments for testing. Riders should bring any equipment that they want to test and evaluate such as wheels, skinsuits, helmets etc and any manuals for their bike equipment such as integrated cockpit setups and their associated torque settings. One critical aspect beyond control is the requirement for dry weather. Due to the sensor design, testing cannot be completed in wet weather so a watchful eye on the forecast in the build-up to the session is important. If you fancy seeing how you can improve your times and want to know more, please drop us a line and we'll be happy to further discuss your requirements. #everywattcounts

Booking an aerodynamic testing session.
Introductory Offer, £350 or £500 for a combined Bike Fit and Aero Testing

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DIY Bike Fit Guide
DIY Dynamic Bike Fitting

You may be interested in our downloadable DIY guide.

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Revision 2 released May 2020.
Contains updated male and female saddle height calculators and new information on male / female leg length proportions. Plus a new section to assist with saddle choice and improving comfort.

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