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2014 Customer Feedback

Dave W


Thanks for your work yesterday mike , well impressed ! Very happy ! Bike feels better , see how it goes on the sportive Sunday Thanks again.
Martin S


Thanks very much for Saturday. It was a fascinating exercise and I learned a lot about the biomechanics behind my riding. In terms of measuring the benefits, I did a 10m TT last night and went 17 seconds faster than before on the same route in similar conditions, but what was most notable from the Strava trace was improved consistency, no numbness in the feet and no aches on the knee.
Matt B


Just a quick note to say thank you. I completed the coast to coast in a day ride yesterday. 150 miles. 4000m of climbing. 10 hours in the saddle. Today everything aches a little bit, but nothing hurts too much. I put much of this down to the bike fit. It took a week or two to get used to the new position but when I did it really clicked into place.
So, many thanks indeed for your advice and expertise.
Sue M


Thank you for your time spent on 6th June. I've been out on my bike several times since and can honestly say that the ride is so much more comfortable, relaxed and enjoyable.
I would recommend your bike fit to anyone.
David K


Finally had chance to drop you a note.
Just to say since the bike fitting, its like riding a new bike! its so much more comfortable and feels so much nicer while out. One of my normal routes, about 12 miles I've knocked 10 mins off the time I take!
Its been worth every penny and wouldn't hesitate in using you again!
Glynn G


Sue and myself came over to see you on the 6 June, After the bike fit with you, I followed your advice and fitted a 170 crank to the Kinesis. I have managed to get several rides in and have found that the rides have all felt a lot more relaxed. The shoulder tension is gone and no pins and needles in the feet. Another bonus is that I am finding it easier to increase the mileage. When I get the chance I will swop the crank on the Giant.
So thanks very much for your help, it has made a noticeable difference.
Dean T


I wanted to report back to you and update you on how I've got on since my bike fit 3 months ago. I've ridden approx 2,000 miles since then including 3 really gruelling sportives. After an initial bedding in period, approx 2 weeks, my left knee pain completely disappeared, as did the pain in my lower back, thankfully never to return. I recently covered 72 miles and 5000 ft climbing on one ride as well, with no issues at all. Additionally I've also added another 8 watts to my FTP which, as I'm sure you know, is never an easy thing to do.
Thanks again for your help and I will be sure to recommend you to my fellow cycling buddies.
Edwina M


After my bike fitting I feel much more comfortable on my Felt. In addition to the changes you made, I have followed through on your suggestions and the spacer has been changed from 30mm to 20mm so I am slightly lower and this does feel more stable and comfortable. The change in saddle height and switch back to my San Marco saddle is much better too.
The first race on the new set up I qualified for World Champs Sprint distance and going to have a go at Olympic distance in two weeks. The bike course is very challenging for me on my next race so the bike set up is going to be key.
Steven R


Just a little note to let you know how I been getting on, I immediately changed the cranks to 165mm length and adjusted the seat as recommended. Wow the effect was very noticeable I was spinning fasting and smoother. On my local hills I was going up them 1mph quicker at the top of the peak, my average MPH has also increased. Before I had the odd pain in my knees that has all gone, and I had a lot of issues with sores that appears to be resolved as I am now moving about in the seat a lot less now.
I cannot recommend you enough it was a very pleasurable experience for two plus hours with lots of little tips.
Michael J


Just a quick email to say that the changes you made to my set up during my bike fit have made a real improvement to my cycling. I have had a couple of weeks to get a few rides in, including my first century and I am pleased to report that my knee pain/aches have completely disappeared as have my tight achilles. I am still getting some lower back ache but suspect that is more to do with my core strength. Generally, I feel far more comfortable on my bike but think that as you said a wider saddle will help further.
Stu K


Apologies for the late reply, but many thanks for the professionalism and expertise of the bike fitting last month.
It is certainly a worthwhile investment! Successfully made our 3 day trip to Newcastle and not once in the 265 miles did I experience any of the pains/problems I used to have before the fitting (foot numbness, left knee pain, lower back pain) - so I am very happy with the results - and the report is very interesting indeed! Have been out on a few club rides since, and again im very happy with my performance, speed, and ultimately comfort! Can certainly feel the difference in power stroke and pedal efficiency.
Steve M


Thanks for the e-mail, I found the session really useful. I did a 44k ride this afternoon and it felt more comfortable but worked a lot of different muscles !!
Surprising what small adjustments can make as my quads had noticeably worked harder today.
Nigel M


Just a quick note to say that the changes you made to my setup have really helped. I did the Warwick 100 the other weekend with no aches or pains, and definitely climbed better with those tips you gave me.
Many thanks.
Chris L


After the fitting I did an easy 10 miles to get a bit of a feel for the new setup, followed by a 32 mile solo route on the Thursday (16mph 1000 ft climb). Everything felt fine so I went for the Saturday cake ride with RLSCC on the Saturday, doing 56 miles (16mph 3000ft climb). It was only supposed to be 40 miles so I don't quite know what happened, but other than feeling leggy I felt fine, during and afterwards. I definitely noticed the difference being smoother on the hills!
I can't believe such small changes can make that much of a difference for power output. And having the confidence to hit the longer rides injury free is great!
Mark D


I went out yesterday for a good 100km ride with a mate - 4 hours in the saddle. Felt good straightaway...left foot felt a bit odd, like there was something in my shoe...but after 20 minutes that went and I had no pain at all....even after 4 hours! I kept a good speed all day and climbed as well as I ever have. I also felt no rolling of the hips either so I felt a lot more efficient.
I tried to focus on remembering to bend my arms and work on my pedal stroke, and most of the time, had it nailed! The only niggle was my back was hurting after about 3 hours...not the isolated pain in the left hand small of my back this time though, but right across the lower portion of my back....I think this is probably from where I was a bit more canted over into a racing position, so once I get used to it, I'm sure it will be ok.
Steve S


Sorry been a while not contacting you to thank you for a great Bike Fit. First ride after fit was a 66 mile ride, and wow what a difference the fit made. Feet were great up to about 40 mile then a little discomfort but a stop and wiggle sorted that out (wicked thanks). I remembered your coaching and rode bent at waist not shoulders and suffered no pains anywhere (thank you). Only thing that gave me any discomfort was my saddle????.
Richard M


First of all i would like to thank you for the bike fit on Friday, and also the detailed report which was sent so quickly afterwards. On Saturday I cycled to Cheltenham, and despite cycling into the wind the whole time felt quite strong, the amendments seemed to work, even Cleeve Hill wasn't as bad as i thought it would be.
I did find parts of my feet go a bit numb after around 40 miles, I will keep an eye on that but it could have been down to heat and the new insoles needing to bed down a bit.
Thanks again, i really appreciated your help and have told everyone who will listen how in depth, thorough and worthwhile it was.
Matt C


Just thought I'd give you an update on how I'm getting on, now I've had a chance to get some miles in since the fit in early February.
The numb hands have gone, I'm climbing much faster, consistently breaking my PBs according to Strava and riding for much longer distances. In fact I spent 5 hours in the saddle this weekend, covering a total of 85 miles and don't feel any worse for it.
I just wanted to pass on my thanks for making cycling enjoyable for me and allowing me to push on to greater distances.
Dave B


We'll thanks for a really informative morning on Wed, did first long ride today, wow what a difference! Improved comfort, speed and cadence a lot smoother, many many thanks
Chris R


Bike fit is fine, tested it out today on 18 mile circuit no issues. Dropped 10 minutes on previous year.
Denis K


Thanks Mike, even the 10 minute ride back from the station the bike felt much better, money well worth spent.
James B


Mike, sorry for such a delay in replying to you with work commitments and Xmas, and happy New year to you. I found the fitting very helpful - somewhat unbelievably, the 2 areas of discomfort type pain experienced (back of the left leg just above knee, and under knee cap of right knee) have both disappeared since the fitting. I also feel that the fitting has given me a little improvement in power/endurance when cycling with the more experienced/better riders. Thanks all round.


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