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Bike Sizing
Many people find that buying a new bike is a bewildering experience. They are aware that they need to buy the correct size, but get totally confused by the numerous sizing conventions, terminologies and conflicting advice from manufacturers and bike shops. See Bike Sizing for suggested sizes and geometries for 'normal' people and what can go wrong. Unusual proportions and flexibility are the usual culprits, but manufacturer's component choices and bizarre frame size classifications do not help.

Bike Sizing Options

BikeDynamics offers a Bike Sizing service, comprising of either a telephone consultation or use of a sizing jig at the lab. Both are charged at an hourly rate of 55 with them taking approximately half and one hour respectively.


1)Telephone Consulation

Telephone conversation on your type of cycling, existing aches and pains, size, shape and flexibility, current bike size, aspirations etc. As a minimum, the outcome would be a recommendation for a suitable bike size and a range for stack, reach and effective top tube length. Ideally, we would be able to recommend which of a preferred manufacturer's product fitted you best, with suggestions for stem length, spacer stack height and crank lengths.

3) Bike Sizing Jig

Bike Sizing Jig

Bike Sizing Jig.

BikeDynamics has a fully adjustable jig, that can quickly reproduce the geometries of any published frame data. Combined with your own shape, proportions and flexibility, we can ascertain the optimum size from a manufacturers range, or establish the necessary dimensions to give to a custom frame builder.

Bike Sizing Jig Bike Sizing Jig Bike Sizing Jig


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