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BikeDynamics Bike Fitting Courses

At the end of 2018 we shall be celebrating the 10th Birthday of BikeDynamics. As I edge towards semi-retirement, it will also mark the transition from a full time to part time business.

Although looking forwards to spending more time on my bike, I’d also like to take the opportunity to do some of the things I would have preferred to have done over the last few years, but never had the time. This will include continuing to grow the website into a complete Bike Fitting resource and finally writing the promised DIY guide for TT / Triathlon bikes.

Another area where I have received many requests over the years is for the provision of Bike Fitting Courses. As a result, we would like to offer bespoke courses, tailored to specific groups. These are all very much in the early planning stages but likely to include the following.

Observational Bike Fitting for Retailers.

Aimed at people working within the retail environment with the usual time and cost pressures. With good observational skills and simple measurements, shops should be able to complete a basic Dynamic Bike Fit to successfully send customers out on new bikes or resolve problems on their existing ones.

Bike Fitting using Video Analysis.

Video Analysis is a simple, relatively cheap but highly effective way of adding objective measures to the observational skills required to complete a good Dynamic Bike Fit. Primarily using Dartfish software, the participants will understand the data acquisition requirements, camera angles, body reference points and joint angles that support the fitting process.

Bike Fitting for Health Care Professionals.

Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, Sports Therapists and Podiatrists will see how bike and shoe / cleat set up can be instrumental to their client’s injuries and recovery. A course of this nature would support the compulsory Continual Professional Development required within many healthcare fields.

All of the above course are very much still in the planning stages. If interested in any of the above, or you have a specific training requirement you think we can help with, please contact us using the details below.